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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Captain Kelsten

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True fans only like the original cut of Star Wars that Lucas showed to Laddie, Spielberg et al, and which was so groundbreaking and brilliant that even Spielberg could only say “er, well, I liked the bit with the robots.”  Everything after that has been a studio-led watering down of the auteur’s original vision.

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I was reading this month's Empire magazine and they had a preview bit on what to expect for Episode IX, and even they mentioned the schism that TLJ caused and they listed the usual suspect reasons for why some people absolutely hated that film. But not to worry, J.J. will save the fandom from itself, so good his father named the saviour twice :P


I'll set my expectations to competent but uninspired, just like every other film of his I've seen.

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If he’s going to rid us of the flab and the extraneous characters and continue build Rey and Kylo Ren to a satisfying conclusion that’s all I want, there are perfectly valid reasons Ryan Johnson’s ability as a storyteller requires a change, but I also see it as a step back potentially if it’s to pacify  the Mark Hamill fanboys. The series needs directors willing to take risks, not another Ron Howard, and JJ doesn’t exactly have a faultless track record (in retrospect i think the best movie of the Trek reboot is the one he wasn’t involved with)

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