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Singstar becomes free. The world dislikes this.

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First of all, Im a male, i dont wish to play singstar, i never will, that is just completely the worst game anyone could get, i dont want this icon on my ps3, why would i, this has made me think twice about you sony, why force people to have this crappy game icon on there ps3, thats like me coming to your HQ and putting stuff in your offices, its rude as, im so offended that you would force this on to me, and everyone else, make it optional to delete it, and make it optional to download in the store, and i mean it youse better fix it and quick, so fustraighted, especially moving the trophies whats the damn point, jesus!

I like the understated-ness of this next one:


I think I like this one best, because he seems to be suggesting that the PS3 dashboard is his office.

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Doesn't the Singstar icon automatically highlight when you boot up and you don't have a disc in? That's what I've read. If the icon has music too that would be annoying having it blaring out as soon as you turn the thing on.

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Having a home screen that you can't fully customise is part and parcel of using a console, unfortunately.

Well, you could customise all the games in the Games section of the XMB before this. So it's a bit unfair to start calling it a default now.

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And it breaks the group function by not grouping with anything else. Like it has leprosy or something.

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I hate forced advertising too.

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I never intend to play this but I loaded this up to see the community videos expecting some lolsome calvacade of youtube style human detritus, but to my amazement it was just hundreds of people of all ages having totally unironic fun. That's not what I expect from gaming at all.

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