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WRC 3 - FIA World Rally Championship

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I know we've been using the WRC 2 thread basically for this but I feel it deserves its own thread. It's out for PC, PS3 and 360 this Friday, 12th October for anyone interested and the PS Vita version is out on October 26th. I'll post a link to the older thread for now as I've got to go out but a lot of good videos posted there. There's also a PS3 and 360 demo out now for anyone to try :)

It's also up for voting on Steam Greenlight as well to get it onto Steam if anyone wants to support that. I have no idea why they have to do this but I guess there must be reasons for it.




Looking at the official site, some details:

Classic Game Modes:

Single Stage

Single Rally


Super Special Stages (SSS)

Career Mode

Hot Seat (up to 4 players)

Online Modes:

Single Stage

Single Rally


Super Special Stages

New Contents:

Brand new Career mode

Rally Monte-Carlo

VW Polo R WRC - Exclusive!

Brand new routes for 7 Rallys

Brand new CoDriver voiceover

and looking at the car list:



Citroën DS3 WRC

Ford Fiesta RS WRC

MINI John Cooper Works WRC

Volkswagen Polo R WRC - Exclusive!


Ford Fiesta S2000

Škoda Fabia S2000

Fiat Abarth Grande Punto S2000

Proton Satria S2000


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

Subaru Impreza WRX Sti

Ford Fiesta ST


Peugeot 207 S2000

Subaru Impreza WRC - '07

Citroen C4 WRC

Ford Focus WRC

Lancia Delta Integrale HF - '91

Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD - '92

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III - '96

Subaru Impreza WRC - '97

Peugeot 205 T16

Lancia Delta S4

Ford RS200

Citroen BX4 TC

Renault 5 GT Turbo

Ford Escort RS 1600

Peugeot 504

Honda Civic R3

Renault Clio R3

Citroen C2 S1600

Suzuki Swift S1600

Citroen DS3 R3

Ford Fiesta R2

Citroen C2 R2

Renault Twingo R2

Suzuki Swift Sport (R2)

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I'll probably pick this up at the weekend, I think its going to be a pretty solid game but I fear it might die prematurely with Forza Horizon on the er, horizon. I hope there's room for both in the racing guys gaming timetables, I'll certainly be giving it a fair crack.

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Its not a massive step forwards - but I didn't think WRC2 rally wasn't that bad.

Most of its faults were in the handling and that wasn't too dire not quite as loose as Richard Burns but doesn't "swing" like CMR 5.

They've improved the lighting in this. Graphics better in parts too.

Here's me driving the Welsh Rally - 2nd Stage. I crashed because i'm shit to show off the physics effects...

check 1080p for full graphics goodness, etc - sadly YT restricts it to 30fps. Its 60fps.

The basic physics (minor, anal, sim) issue is the car's tyres right themselves too fast and too easily.

You can see that when i straighten up. Its too "neat". But it stills feels great and the track are fairly long.

A a comparison to the real thing...

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DImahoo is your PC copy retail or did you buy it online from anywhere ? Apparently there's some problems with the downloadable one due to missing files or something like that (it's in the Neogaf thread, I'll need to dig it out). I'm waiting for it to hopefully get a Greenlight on Steam, was meaning to buy it at the weekend but just too busy with Dishonored and X-Com.

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If you find the idea of Sebastian Vettel winning his third F1 title on the trot a little galling, spare a thought for fans of the WRC who've had to put up with the dominance of another supernaturally gifted Seb. A couple of Sundays ago, Citroen's Sebastien Loeb wrapped up another world title - his ninth in total, each delivered in a mind-numbing consecutive run that stretches all the way back to 2004.

The results suggest a sport that's in something of a slump, which is partly true. Rallying's '90s heyday is but a distant memory, and so too is the '90s heyday of the rallying game. Even Codemasters has largely turned its back on the sport, and for all the off-road pleasures that the Dirt series offers, the emphasis shifted elsewhere long ago.

Which has left Milestone, the small but passionate veterans of the racing genre whose credits stretch back to 1995's Screamer, with the now less-than-treasured WRC licence. For two years the Italian studio's been doing what it does best with WRC - or, more accurately, doing what it does adequately - by grinding out faithful if uninspired tie-in games.

WRC 3 doesn't buck that trend, even if it is a slight improvement on last year's model. This year's championship is presented in all of its threadbare glory - 13 different rallies take in the snowbanks of Sweden, the tarmac of Alsace and the dusty orange roads of Portugal, all ready to be conquered by a selection of WRC, Super 2000, Group N and classic machinery.

The fundamentals are there and they're fundamentally sufficient - there's a variety and generosity to the course layout that's matched by a noticeable boost in visual fidelity; the car models are that little bit more detailed and the trackside detail is that little bit more attractive. There are times, steaming through the forests of Finland with a Citroen DS3 that feels like it's two corners ahead of you, when it's enough to make you think that WRC 3 is all you could ever ask of an official game.

"In every way a trademark Milestone effort: competent and faithful but lacking the kind of thought and polish that could make it really worthwhile."

There are few people playing online, so a hot-seat mode that allows players to take turns offline is more than welcome.

But when you do go looking for more, it's sadly still seriously lacking. Handling is competent, although it commits the cardinal sin of the off-road game in not placing enough emphasis on friction, on the gritty essentials of communicating the impact between the road and the tyre, the element that's most crucial to making a good rally game truly great.

And away from the core experience, WRC 3 is lacking, if not a little regressive. The involved if slightly flabby career experience of previous games, which had you recruiting a team as you worked up through the ranks, has been replaced with a character-driven affair that apes Codemasters' more recent efforts while getting it horribly, horribly wrong. The dubstep's in place, as are a selection of off-kilter objective-based events, but instead of a slick front-end and a tightly crafted journey through the ranks it's a tangle of conflicting reward systems sandwiched with artwork that's strayed in from a 15-year-old's sketchbook.

It's enough to send you packing to the bare-bones official WRC part of the package, making this in every way a trademark Milestone game: competent and faithful but lacking the kind of thought and polish that could make it really worthwhile. Right now it's arguably the game that the WRC deserves, but whether it deserves your own time and effort is another matter altogether.

6 / 10

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Picked this up on Vita today. First impressions are reasonable. Visually it's.... mmm.... OK I guess. Sort of looks a bit like an (original) Xbox game in slightly higher rez. It's not top tier Vita, but certainly better than any other portable rally game ever.

Trail cam feels a bit too floaty, but the bonnet/bumper and in car views feel good. Misses rumble a bit, but still has that balancing on a cliff-edge feel that rally games should have. Not sure on the content, I think it's supposed to be lighter than the home console versions, but there seem to be quite a lot of courses. Those I've tried have been fun, and the Welsh ones made me feel homesick, so they're obviously modelled quite well. Not tried the multiplayer yet. Overall, yeah, it's a rally game and it feels like one. If I had to pick between it and MUD... hmm, the racing is better in WRC3, but MUD does feel a little fatter in other areas.

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