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Does anyone know where to get this (USB NES controller) cheaper?


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I just bought a USB to saturn converter (with two saturn slots) and it works a treat. Plus, it only cost something like 8 quid.

And everyone knows that the saturn was the best digital controller. Of all time. Well, apart from the CD32.

and there was me just looking at


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Ah, thinking about getting one of those now. Don't suppose it'd work with the NiGHTS controller...?

It says it does support it (I don't have one to test)- you just need to press start and A to switch between analogue and digital input.


It's 11 quid, including postage, and took about 10 days to arrive from HK- but does support 2 saturn pads simultaneously. Certainly works a treat with VICE and WinUAE, when I tested it last night, as a standard USB Gamecontroller.

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