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The Game Game!


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(Move to OT if you like, I wasn't sure which subforum to use!)

Roll up folks, it's time to play... The Game Game!

Here are the rules. Behind this black image is a screenshot of a game. It could be from any format and from any generation, but it won't be anything obnoxiously difficult. I'll ask a question, and the first person who gives the right answer gets to roll for which of the 12 panels to remove (I will use a proper random number generator!). They then get one guess as to what the game is. If they're correct, they win the adulation of the entire forum. If they're wrong, I ask the next question, and so on. It's basically Catchphrase without Mr Chips. Of course I can't stop you using wikipedia to look up all the answers, but that's not much fun for anyone.

Just pretend you can't see the bits of uncovered image around the outside, my quick and dirty layering was a bit too quick and dirty... :D



Q: In the US version of the second 'Gex' game, 'Gex: Enter The Gecko', Gex was voiced by series mainstay Dana Gould. However, who voiced Gex in the UK version?

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It's good, but it's not right! Time for the next question.

In the Bioware classic Knights of the old republic, the player was joined by a feisty female party member named Bastila. What was her surname?


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Oohh, it's good, but it's not the one!

Next question.

The 1991 Sega game Decap Attack featured a head-slinging protagonist called Chuck D. Head, who battled against the evil Max D. Cap. What was the name of the doctor who created Chuck?

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You may confer with moodyman, but I will wait for his guess.

(Moodyman, you have 15 minutes, I don't have any internet at home at the moment and I'm leaving soon :()


Roy Walker never let an audience member trot up to the podium and whisper in anyone's ear :quote:

(ps great gamegame)

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