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Bayonetta II - Wii U Exclusive. EDGE 10.


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Finished this game on 2nd climax over Christmas after unwrapping it Christmas day. What an absolute delight this game is. I love how the mechanic is easy to grasp, and makes for a accessibile game for the beginner, but rewards skilled play the better you get.

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GC: …I preferred Bayonetta’s first haircut.

-- PR woman: [laughs]

-- Hideki Kamiya: Then we will take that into account when we design her haircut when we start doing 3, if we ever make 3.


(The room is suddenly filled with gasps of shock, not just from us and the UK PR but also the other Microsoft and Platinum Games people.)


GC: Wha… what?! You can’t tease me like that!

(Widespread laughter)


GC: Are you thinking of doing 3?

-- HK: Of course we want to make 3.


GC: [meekly] OK.

-- HK: Why should it end at 2?


GC: I don’t think it should end at 2! Have you spoken to any publishers about this?

-- HK: No, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking in my head what that game would be. I’ve got ideas in my head for Okami 2 as well.

-- PR woman 2: What?!

(More shocked laughter from everyone.)

-- PR woman: I didn’t know this!


GC: What are you doing, teasing us like this!



So there you have it; Platinum wants to make Bayonetta 3 and Okami 2.


If only...

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Okami 2 would be more tricky as Capcom will own the IP, not sure why he’s bothering thinking about that.

Also, I’m not sure how Bayonetta 2 did on the Wii U, but would be a big indicator on if this dream would become real.

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Kamiya would like to revisit all his past games if you took everything at face value, he just has to find somebody to pay for them :P. The game he should revisit is Red Hot Man, that game could do with some proper Kamiya loving, not the various half-baked attempts it did get, come on, the same boss, but ice this time, amazing creativity.

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Wonderful 101 is another Sentai-inspired game, but doesn't really scratch the same itch. I just felt the sequel was a bit uninspired, not played any of the other spin-offs as they never got much critical acclaim. It'd be interesting to see him do an actual sequel to one of his own creations at some point, to see whether the theory that the director is paramount holds true. I suppose the nearest we have is Bayonetta being the sequel to Devil May Cry.

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