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Bayonetta II - Wii U Exclusive. EDGE 10.


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Never. Who actually gives a fuck?

For an action game that relies on a smooth steady framerate and decently showing off its excellent art design, I imagine quite a few people.

A good tip is not to communicate everything you personally find boring in life - because that can be boring lol

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I think there was (natural) concern that given that Bayo 1 is given away as a freebie with the game in NA, and as an inexpensive upgrade edition in Europe - there was no huge financial incentive to ensure the port would be faithful (good non lazy ports cost money). The fact that it is, was a huge relief for a few I'm imagining. It is also nice to know you won't need to dig out the 360 to play it, which loads would have still had to do if there were framerate issues rather than happily play Bayo 1+2 on the same hardware knowing you are making no compromises.

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If the Wii U hadn't shown an improvement over 7-year-old hardware, then it may have been interesting news. Great that it runs better, but it really should.

The people at Digital Foundry aren't

1: Aware of what you individually find 'news' or 'boring

2: Minded to care

They carry out technical analyses of games. This is their raison d'etre. They are well known for this. No doubt you're aware of this. But you chose to click through to the piece and declare it boring.

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I understand DF's nature, but they really need to try and be at least a tiny bit more engaging.

Their style of writing and presentation is objectively boring, even though I'm very interested in what they are discussing. I am the kind of person who cares about this. Well, should care about this: I spend a fortune on games and hardware and spend a vast amount of my time reading, engaging and posting on video games forums. Just because they are talking about frame rates doesn't mean it has to be so utterly tedious.

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