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Project Omega/Demon Tribe - PSP/PSV/WiiU?


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A new game by some of the people who recently did the Jet Set Radio HD remake conversion, has some staff from the originals who also did stuff for earlier Ryū ga Gotoku games working on it. No idea if the teaser images relate much to whatever the game is about, but it's being shown at TGS.


Game Designer #sega #JetSetRadio , #Jet Set Radio Future (Art director&Artist) Ryu-ga-gotoku1, 2 (Director) Rise of Nightmares(Creative Director)






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This sort of got revealed at TGS, but still very light on the details, no official platform announcements but the source code for the website mentions PSP/PSV/WiiU and it comes out this year.

Game seems to be a top down action game involving your character transforming into a demon to fight other demons, might be some mobile-style game.


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