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Gravity Falls - New Animated TV Show


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This has just started in the UK last week (the second episode in on today at 5.30pm on Disney XD) and seems to be a pretty promising children's TV series. It has plenty of gags for older viewers and is ideal for fans of Adventure Time (although I doubt it will be quite as good).

Plus the latest episode has loads of classic game references and pixel art by Paul Robertson:

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This is an amazing show. It starts off pretty good - if not spectacular - but I just finished the first season now and I adore it.

It's a lot more traditional than Adventure Time, but I think I enjoy it more now. The characters are all fantastic; the art is lovely; the stories are all interesting.

It really needs some more love,


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If I were to use kat, which I don't and I certainly don't condone, I'd probably just search in google and use the cached version of the link. Another thing I wouldn't do is search ulozto.net as that would also be wrong.

Also another big thumbs up for this show. I watched a couple of episodes while flying back from the states and since then the wife and I have pretty much mainlined the entire first season. To say it's a kids cartoon with enough references to keep adults happy would do it great disservice: if anything it's closer in spirit to those earlier seasons of the Simpsons where they actually had great characters that cared about each other. The ongoing mystery and freeze frame gags are just the icing on the cake.

Oh and Grunkle Stan's plain amazing...


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Check here, they're brill.



Enjoyed the new episodes but the second was way better than the first, with the Dipper/Wendy stuff and The Thing homages.

Until the can of beans reveal did anyone else think the shape-shifter was pretending to be young Grunkle Stan? Do we know how many fingers Stan has?"

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I love this show much. It's criminal more people don't watch it, and I can't believe they haven't put out a Season 1 Bluray boxset.

It's Disney don't expect miracles.

Probably the best kids show at the moment such never fails to deliver.

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I love how Mabel had a nightie with a floppy disk on. Her outfits are so great.

I'm pretty sure that the floppy disk design is the only style of nightwear she has, in stark contrast to her inexhaustible supply of sweaters.

Yeah, I love Gravity Falls. I don't normally watch kids tv programmes. Occasionally I watch something that's recommended on RLLMUK but I'm always left disappointed. This is the only one that's stuck with me.

Reasons I love Gravity Falls:

1. Mabel

2. It's funny. Not just weird-funny, or wacky-funny but actually consistently funny with a huge amount of variety. Guaranteed at least one belly laugh per episode.

3. Mabel

4. It's sexual and gender politics are spectacularly good. Almost too many to mention but some of the best:

-The way that Wendy is never reduced to just being an object or plot device and the way that Dipper is confronted by his own objectification of her.

-The gay police officers, who's relationship itself is never the joke. Instead it's the gap between the tenderness of their relationship and the austere position they are meant to hold.

-Grenda. The first time I've ever seen a transgender character on screen where not only is it not considered important, but it's not even mentioned. Grenda would be my favourite character if it wasn't for...

5. Mabel. Simply one of my favourite comedic characters ever. Mabel & Waddles is almost an exact recreation how my younger sisters were with their pets when they were younger.


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