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Games featured in magazines that never got released


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I was sitting in my mate's toilet having a wee the other day. I was sitting down and browsing his car magazines when I came across a dreamcast brochure from 2001. It had a list of ames including heroes of might and magic. Propellor arena, jet set radio w2' soul reaver 2, super monkey ball and a few others. Poor old dreamcast.

Wait... You sit down to have a piss?!?!?!

Subscription CANCELLED!

Probably already been mentioned..

Unity on the GameCube.

Jeff Minter shoot em up, looked amazing. Was 99% finished.

Never released.


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FF7 demo for N64 at Siggraph


This was never intended to be a full game, it was just a tech demo running on a silicon graphics workstation, hence it using FFVI characters.

FF7 on the Super Famicom, 3rd try lucky I guess for SquareSoft.


What the hell is that? Any more images/links?

Edit: Apparently just a concept piece, didn't spot Locke there at first. Sounds like they did fully work on three versions though:

"We actually began work from the ground up on three separate occasions. First directly after FFVI, then again after Chrono Trigger, and finally when we decided that CD-ROM technology was going to be a necessity and that it would therefore be released on the PlayStation."

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I remember finishing c&c tiberium dawn on the PC and getting the " coming attractions" reel for completing it ( shame this sort of thing can't happen any more !).

Anyway, the tiberium sun preview was obviously very different to the rts game if just finished. I remember at the time seriously thinking the sequel was going to be a mech warrior style game...

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That preview is one of the biggest FUs ever perpetrated by a developer, looked amazing, then never seemed to ever be mentioned again, the game that was finally released bearing that name had fuckall to do with the original concept trailer :( and it was disappointing to boot, even if it used voxels.

I assume this is the trailer, though my memory tells me there was a different, more sunny one, probably remembering it wrong I assume.


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It sounds very much like Liberation: Captive 2 to me.

I had that on floppy disc! God-awful gaming experience. Crowther should revisit it and show us something a bit closer to what he was aiming for now the baseline tech is there.

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Did the Amiga game Bomber Bob get released? Was circa 1990, had a World War II style aerial conflict in cutesy, arcade style. Vertical scrolling. Magazines reviewed it, never saw it for sale. Was on .adf images last time I checked online, however it wasn't uncommon for Amiga games that didn't get commercially released to turn up on the pirate circuit, e.g. Badlands Pete.

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