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Yes but what division are Swindon in? I didnt catch it.

Seriously he thinks he's a big man subbing a 20 year old goalie after 25 minutes for one mistake? The second goal wasn't even his fault. What happened to supporting your players?

Maybe Mourinho did something similar but Di Canio is just fruitcake.

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He took him off because he was blaming other players for it, I think.

Obviously Di Canio is a complete mental though. That Harry Redknapp video is great.

I see. I initially thought he meant the "arrogance he showed" after being subbed. Still what chance had that kid got now after being humiliated like that.

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Maybe there's something to be said for hating your manager if it gets you promotion at the first attempt.

Old tactic - get your entire team united in loving you, or united in hating you. As long as they play as a team, it works. It is when you have a dressing room split it becomes a problem.

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I could listen to him talk all day.

Swindon goalkeeper Wes Foderingham has apologised to manager Paolo Di Canio for his reaction to being substituted in the 4-1 defeat by Preston.

Foderingham was at fault for North End's first goal and was replaced by Leigh Bedwell after 21 minutes, which prompted him to storm off the pitch.

Di Canio had insisted the player would be dropped until he made amends.

But he has now confirmed they have cleared the air, although Foderingham is likely to be fined for his actions.

"Even if he thinks it's not fair, you have to remain professional.

"We'll move on now but it doesn't mean you don't pay the price and I will propose a fine.

"Otherwise, the next time I sub Matt Ritchie he will come with a gun and shoot at me, and just say sorry to escape from the punishment."


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Bookmakers have placed the 43-year-old Italian among the favourites to replace Owen Coyle, who was sacked by the Championship outfit on Tuesday.

"It's better than not reading your name," Di Canio told BBC Wiltshire.

"We can joke about it but it doesn't change that I am working for Swindon, so there's no need to think about it."

"It means people think I have already done a good job," he continued.

"They look at the statistics and think 'there is Di Canio, who has won nine games from 15 already'. Including last year, I've had more than 61% victories.

"It means they are looking at the people who have got good results at lower levels and that is something you appreciate.

"But it's not the club but the people that bet money who put you in second or third [favourite].

"Before I signed for Swindon I was linked to West Ham, and yet nobody contacted me."

The flamboyant Italian says he welcomes being named among the favourites for other jobs as it brings him positive headlines:

"In the last few months I've only read my name relating to bad things, so I prefer it," he added.

"Sometimes some people forget the good and then they think 'he subs the goalkeeper, he is mad'.

"And then when you win, you beat Stoke City, and they say you are not bad."

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