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Totally out of touch... recomend me stuff!


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Looking for some forum inspiration. For a good ten years or so I think I've been stuck in a musical rut. Where in the past (around 196-1999) I worked as a record buyer for Tower and read shit loads of magazines and papers to keep up with stuff (Straight No Chaser, Muzig, Mixmag, Jockey Slut, K Magazine, NME/ Maker).

Seems to be at the moment, apart from a handful of new stuff, I'm still listening to late 90s early 2000 stuff. I think the lack of reading mags, the death of Peel and me just falling out with radio in general are to blame.

So can anyone recommend me some good albums I've missed in say the last five years? I know this is maybe seen as lazy ass way of doing things but I'd really appreciate the suggestions.

Also any blogs/ or pod casts to keep up with stuff? At the moment I only subscribe to the resident adviser podcast and chase up DJ Storm's sessions on Soundcloud from Metalheadz and recently I've started to [DI] Minimal online station.

Tastewise I'm into...

Guitar based shizzle

Interpol. Pixies, China Drum, Senser, Howling Bells, Throwing Muses, Lush, Ride, Breeders, Mansun, Six By Seven, Curve, SPC ECO, Cure, Bush, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Blood Red Shoes, Red Sparrows, Mogwai, Fuck Buttons, Veruca Salt, Auf Der Maur, Silversun Pickups, Godspeed You're Black Emp, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Instrumental Hip Hop/ Hippity Hop stuff

Dr Octagon, Madlib, Beastie's, DJ Hurricane, Rob Swift, Ronnin, DJ Cam, Braintrax, Mos Def, Hilltop Hoods, Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, People Under The Stairs, Blackalicious, RJD2, Depth Charge, Brotherhood, Jurrasic 5, Gaslamp Killer, The Nextmen, New Kingdom, Gunshot, Kid Koala, DJ Krush, Dangerdoom, Public Enemy, Tricky, Funki Porcini, early MoWax and Ninja Tunes stuff

Dark drum and bass

Ed Rush, Nico, Trace, Bad Company, DJ Zinc, Calyx D Bridge, Stakka & Skynet, Dom & Roland, Bukem, Doc Scott, Counterstrike, Spor, Dieselboy...stuff on No U-turn, Renaged Hardware, Metalheadz, Prototype. Was never really a fan of Virus as a label.

Electronica/ Dance shite.

Aphex Twin, The Orb, Black Dog, Boards of Canada, Tosca, Kruder & Dorfmiester, Slam, Depeche Mode, early UNKLE stuff, Way Out West, Dave Clarke, Sacha, Daft Punk, Global Communication, System 7, Biosphere, Pan-Pot, Plastikman, Sandwell District, Amon Tobin, Chemical Borthers, Portishead.

So anything you think I should be listen to I'd really appreciate it, along with any blogs to keep up with for news of similar stuff. I'm sooooo fuckin' out of touch. :(. Ta.

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From Spotify:

Julia Holter – Ekstasis You can hear the influence of electronica from the last 20 years in this album, even OMD's Dazzle Ships. IMHO.

John Maus – Cop Killer Ace track from John Maus's latest album

Zomby – Where Were U In '92 ? Rave is back! Zomby – Rumours & Revelations

I really like Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe as well.

Guitar based shizzle

Felt – The World Is As Soft As Lace & Felt – A Preacher In New England

Dif Juz – No Motion & Dif Juz – Re & Dif Juz – Hu

Women – Black Rice & Women – Locust Valley & Women – Eyesore

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Looking for some forum inspiration.

I've been in to most of the stuff you listed above, so in my head, that means there's no need to expand on the choices below. (Okay, I'm lazy.)

Guitar based shizzle

The National - Boxer

Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo

Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

Timber Timbre - Creep On Creepin' On

Disappears - Pre Language


Burial - Untrue

John Maus - We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves

M83 - Saturdays = Youth

Lusine - A Certain Distance

Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling

Four Tet - There is love in you

Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers

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Cheers for all the replies guys and sorry for taking a while to post, I've been trying to stay offline the past week.

Pitchfork looks great and I'm sure I used to look at it years ago, like 2001 or something. Added the album and single reviews to Google Reader to try and keep up with stuff.

Just re-installing Spotify (sort of fell out of it when the playcount rules came into force a year ago)

I think I really need to be a lot more patient with new stuff; even now I'm sitting skipping through tracks on spotify rather than giving them a proper chance. It's not like I'm in a bloody rush or anything :seanr: I'm also using Wunderlist and Evernote to organise reviews and tagging the fuck out of stuff (female vocals, chillout, floaty etc).

Zomby – Where Were U In '92 ? Rave is back! Zomby – Rumours & Revelations

Actually really like this :D

Really enjoying Burial too and I've listened to stuff before from M83's Saturdays = Youth album (don't seem to like his more recent stuff though).Lusine is great and I must have heard 'two dots' or a remix of it at some point. Mount Kimbie too, though I prefer stuff on the Maybes EP to Crooks and Lovers.

As for LastFM I've been on for donkey's years http://www.last.fm/user/idiwa Soundcloud probably 2 year or so, I think with Soundcloud I just get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on there. I tend to follow stuff from Metalheadz, NinjaTune and DJ Cam. I'm going to have a dig around later tonight and try and get into some new stuff by genre rather than label/ artist.

Thisismyjam sounds good, already punted the link to some mates. Cheers all, much appreciated.

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idiwa, you have a well rounded taste, so I'd recommend...

Flying Lotus "Cosmogramma" - grit through the first 5 or so tracks and you will be rewarded. Don't worry you'll learn to love the first 5 later

Salem "King Night" - Dubstep, Goth, Skank, whatever. Its a dark messed up mess with bags of melody and hidden depths in the mix

Bat for Lashes "Fur and Gold"

Bombay Bicycle Club "I had the blues..." for your indie fix

Charlotte Hatherley - any LP - indie muso, love the arrangements she does

Frank Ocean - "Channel Orange" - just a very good LP on a R'B sort of tip

Azlea Banks "1991 EP" - great rap-pop-dance thing, she keeps it interesting in an early Missy Elliot type way

Gonjasufi "A Sufi and a killer" - rasta-rap?

Grimes "Visions" - Cocteau Twins sortof vibe meets electronic

Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" - though all the bullshit this is actually rather decent. The last few songs are like a cry for help.

Tyler The Creator "Goblin" - you can't get any more fucked up that this rap

Warpaint "The Fool" - indie all-female group. No wait, come back! Play the first track, you'll be sucked in!

Venetian Snares "Detramentalist" - his best in ages, Koonut-Kaliffee!

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