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Forgot to sort this last night

We were hoping to extend last week's Garrosh ready lock out this week, but didn't make it.

We therefore did a clean run last night (up to Malk!) - if we can get a decent group for Thurs would like to give Gar another go.

If there's anyone who can extend last week's lock out this week (and then again next week - which you can do) please do. You'll need to log in before the reset.

Lib, Fneeb and Jera were the ones we knew off!

Ta very muchly

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Will have to remove my signup. Fucking BT cocked up my install. No internet now or phone for that matter till 13th Jan :( :(

Edit: Have managed to connect with 3G. Will log on but not sure how its going to be *shrug*

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Hi all,

Long time no speak. Hope everyone has had a cracking christmas and will have a good new year! Just an info post really, work is going really well at the moment and I've been bettering my life so to speak so WoW has taken a back bench. However, I do intend to start signing again in the new year, if that's cool of course? Obviously I've been out a bit and I'm a bit rusty so I don't expect to be taken straight away as if I've never been away...and with my work rota it'll be unlikely I'll ever be able to make a Thursday and a Sunday unless I take A/L.

Hope to hear from ya soon, stay cool!

- Varsity/Jordan.

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