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4th Generation Muk Raiding Topic - Panda Land


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Only took over 600 tries and a Paladin Tank. :D

If Paragon are one healing the final boss in the instance there's probably a mob HP tuning issue. Or Holy Priest is the most closely guarded secret in WoW.

If it took 600 tries, then it isn't a viable strategy because they presumably needed extreme RNG for it to work irrespective of the raid composition.
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Hi There. Have removed myself from this Thursday's raid as there's a very good chance I wont make it back in time on Sunday to continue and that would be very unfair to another dps who could benefit from drops. That being said, should there be need for my fail DK, I will happily be there :)


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We were low on sign ups last night, Gatsby kindly signed to make 10 but I think he might have wanted a week off so if anyone else wanted in there may be a spot.

Next week the final wing gets released on Flexi as such I suggest as something different that we spend the next raid lock out in Flexi mode concentrating on getting as many of the raid achievements done as possible, we would be doing this exclusively on main characters.


Edit : Someone has been looking at Bens DVD collection...Giant Dinosaur vs. Mega Snail.

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Spoke to Ben on skype not long ago, really sorry folks but I can't make tonight...been doing 7-7 the last few days and im in a zombie like state...and got to do it all again for the next 5 days which means getting up at 0500. You know I don't normally let you down, but I just don't have it in me :/ Really sorry for the late notice, I have been trying to get hold of Nathan to see if he can jump in on DPS so gats can tank but ive had no reply.

I can only apologise if it means the raid can't go ahead...you know how dedicated I am but Im dead on my feet :/ I will be about on Thurs though...hope this doesnt count against me!

Best wishes,


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