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4th Generation Muk Raiding Topic - Panda Land


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Muk first set foot in a raiding instance together on the 16th July 2007 half a decade ago. We are older, slower and ravaged with RSI so the forth coming expansion will no doubt test our mettle and our Zimmer frames.

Tier 14

3 raids (containing 14 bosses!) which have to be completed in order:

Mogu'shan Vaults


Heart of Fear


Terrace of Endless Spring


Unless there are any objections we will stick to the usual 2-3 night weeks (and with 14 bosses we will probably be looking to do more 3 night weeks than we have recently once everything has opened up for us).

Muk Raid squad – Roles

Tank /DPS– Jera

Tank/DPS – Moo

Tank/DPS – Gatsby

Tank/DPS – Nugg(?)

DPS - Tynon

DPS – Sood

DPS – Fin

DPS – Karde

DPS – Deef

Heal/DPS – Fneeb

Heal/DPS – Elle

Heal/DPS – Chauntea

Healer/DPS/Tank if really needed because everyone else has dropped dead – Me

The above should give us ample coverage and will mean that we don’t have anymore raid weeks that are disrupted due to one or two people missing.

The classes

Ideally I want to try and avoid having melee heavy raids (i.e no more than 2 melee DPS specific characters out of 5 DPS slots). They have always sucked from Kara to Dragon Soul, so if we have a ton of melee expect that there may be a chance that you will be benched more often.

At the moment I believe people are going to be playing the following.

DK – Jera

Mage – Ty

Rogue – Sood

Druid – Gatsby, Chauntea, Nugg

Paladin – Me

Priest – Elle

Shaman – Fneeb, Deef

Monk – Moo

Hunter – Fin, Karde

So we may be missing a Warlock and Warrior not sure if either brings anything we would miss utility wise. This seems about right for numbers we could possible do with 1 more person (2 at a push) anymore than this and people end up sitting out to often and the gearing up and experience of boss fights becomes quite dissipated.

Getting ready for raiding

Professions are going to be an absolute sod to level up (if the RH auction house remains as terrible as it currently is and your character can’t farm the mats for themselves) as such I suggest people don’t worry about desperately trying to level them up for the first raid. I imagine we shall be hitting the 5 mans fairly hard as a guild and I suggest we try and organise groups on the forums for the coming evenings and there will be LFR as well of course this time round (which I suggest we do on mass for morale support and to laugh at Gatsby).

I will certainly be keen to jump into raiding as soon as we have the numbers at 90. If it punches us in the face we can always come back another time once we have geared up a bit. I think we are experienced enough now to realise when things are too hard because of gear/classes being in a terrible state post launch (mass healer hug) and when they are too hard because we are rubbish at a fight.

Guild contribution to your raiding

I was thinking about splitting the Gbank money up but I think as everything will be hard to farm and expensive we shall leave our little pot of gold to keep supplying repairs, food and flasks assuming they can be obtained on the AH.

I’ll add more to this post over the coming weeks. In the mean time if you could confirm what classes and roles you will be playing it would be a great help.

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Nice Summary!

Two things

1) My first choice is the Mage, but I'm aware I've been him for 2 xpacs and others may want the easy DPS life. If needed, I wouldn't mind switching to the DK for Tanking.

2) Gear break down to help people level (from memory)

Quests - Meh

JP (Need Honored with a faction, should be doable from questing) - 450

Heroics - 464

LFR - 483

VP (Need Revered from a faction, no tabards this time, will need dailies) - 489

Raids - 496

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Not to be to difficult but you know me :hat:

I am seriously considering going Monk, I've just had so much fun in the beta.

Though saying that I still hope they fix warlocks (yeah I know keep dreaming) and it would give the raid back not only a ranged DPS, but teleport is amazing for raiding.

If though locks are useless and i can't face the grind levelling of a monk I'll stay rogue.

TL:DR I can't decide... :doh:

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Don't worry Sood you have another 2 hours before your decision is locked in! :P

Character selection request is only to give me an idea as to if we will have a "good" raid make up week in and week out and if not is there a way to resolve it.

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Looking at the classes, am I right in thinking that'd give us 6 people on the Vanquisher token, 5 on Protector and 2 on Conqueror... I think I see how elle always has the best gear! :lol:

I planning on playing my druid at the moment and being moonkin as my main spec. Probably guardian off spec just because i like instant lfd queues, although I'm not 100% on the off spec.

I do like my priest too mind, so if there was any reason that'd suit raids better, I'd be perfectly happy being a shadow priest rather than a balance druid.. just so long as I can avoid melee this expansion!

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Ace post!

Committed to the Monk grind. I'll be a week behind you all due to a holiday, and then I'd guesstimate another week for levelling to 85 (week off of work!). As such I'll be behind the gear curve probably by the time you're ready for raids. No point worrying about that until the time though.

You can stick me in the "Tank/Heal/DPS" whatever is necessary category. I am awesome at everything.

I double checked what we'd lose raidcomp wise if I switched from Prot Warrior to drunk Panda . The quick summary is we'd lose nothing when comparing tank for tank. Druid would have to cover the -12% armor debuff with faerie fire, but that now has a 5m duration so hopefully that won't be too much of an issue.

Comparing DPS Warrior to DPS Monk though and we'll lose the +4% Physical Damage buff. Can't see any real gain, as other buffs they provide are easily covered by other classes (+crit by Arcane Brilliance or Leader of the Pack). This could be covered by a hunter pet.

All subject to change of course. Good list of the current state of play here: http://www.mmo-champ...threads/1162392

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Kick Moo and get someone committed. Honestly if he's not already raf'd up some alts for the instant 80 monk then he clearly isn't worthy :P

Also hunter pet's will be doing 8% magic damage if sood goes monk, so you physical types can just suck it up.

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With the discount on wow that's pretty much a no brainer to do it via RAF. Unless you really want to experience 1-80 that is.. there's a guide here for anyone planning on it here: http://www.mmo-champ...nting-The-Guide frankly it's not that complicated though. If I'm about I'm quite happy to help blast people through dungeons and stuff too. :)

p.s remember to get yourself some gear to wear when you turn 80. Hyjal naked wouldn't be much fun!

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What's the RAF method then?

With heirlooms, rested (double for pandas?), and guild perks levelling is very quick anyway.

Surely you need that to learn your class?

Edit: Damn Nugg's sneaky edit!

Would RAF give me that nice mount? For 4?

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Surely you need that to learn your class?


Like thats ever stopped anyone in Muk before! I think I started healing on the Paladin about 2 weeks before we started raiding in cata. I've only just recently worked out what all the buttons do! :P

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Does it mean you only can grant 40 levels though? i.e. you'd still have to get a monk to 40 before using this bonus?

you can grant 2 levels for everyone 1 you earn. So you'd need either to level two characters to 80 via RAF and then use them to grant 40 levels each to the monk or you can skip the 70-80 bit which is a bit slow and do one 80, and two 40's. (the 40's both grant 20 levels each to get the monk to 40, then the 80 grants another 40 to get to 80).

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I'll stick with the druid I think - seeing as we're all mad cool and whatnot.

Unless we're hideously short elsewhere, I'll be going Guardian / Feral and maining Guardian I think (at least to level up with).

Edit - although Sood's Fruid sounds cool. I might play one of those.

Edit again - what the hell am I on about, I'm maining Stag.

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With heirlooms, rested (double for pandas?), and guild perks levelling is very quick anyway.

Quick-ish, I think my priest which had full heirlooms and my awesome levelling skills still took 3 days or so to get to 85. For anyone with an actual job (i.e. not like me), that still takes awhile..

Surely you need that to learn your class?

Ha! Good one!! :lol:

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Are you still being a druid?

I know you ummed and aahed about swapping, if you did you would have to reapply to the guild as you can barely play your current character and the last thing I need is having to carry your arse through another expansion!


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Coming from the healer who rolled the class with 2 buttons, as 3 was too many :P

I was thinking of going panda monk, will see when expansion hits. More than likely he will be a alt i enjoy rather than my main, bird form is too awesome to give up

And Mark wont let me be anything else, he has his hopes on having a chauntea stag mount :P

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The above goes for Elle as well (I see you reading this!).


Hah! I don't know why I put up with this constant abuse from you. Chaun & I have worked ourselves to the bone carrying you through this expansion! You're SO on the list!

P.s. Will Skype you later just so I can hang up on you.


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