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Routine - Space Based Horror Title


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On 28/06/2013 at 21:10, revlob said:

I genuinely feel we're on a cusp, here. I don't believe it's sensationalist to suggest that devices like the Rift (because you can she sure it won't be the only VR headset to appear in the next few years) will fundamentally change the landscape of videogames. That when paired with titles like Routine, we're looking at entirely new kinds of experiences, levels of immersion simply impossible when staring at a TV in your living room from your sofa.

I think the next generation of consoles are fighting a losing battle.



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I always thought this game looked amazing, but I can’t help think that I got my fill of this sort of thing years ago with SOMA and Alien: Isolation. Still, it does look very impressive. It’ll be great if they can finally get it over the line. 

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