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The best rock bands ever


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I loved the first two Pixies albums, the last two less so, i thought they suffered due to restricting Kim Deal's creative input. The Breeders 'Pod' was such an amazing album it showed what they were missing. The style of music that the Pixies pioneered in which a song's verse is slow and low only for the chorus to have a sudden and violent change of pace and tone has been over used for the past two decades you forget how original it was back then. I remember reading that Kurt Cobain initially never wanted 'Smells like teen Spirit' on Nevermind as he felt it sounded too much like a Pixies song.

Portland garage band Dead Moon should get a mention, underrated due to never signing onto a big label and keeping themselves underground and releasing their material on their own label. Fronted by the husband and wife duo of Fred and Toody Cole who previously were of punk band 'The Rats' and were previously together on country band 'Range Rats', back in the 60's Fred Cole was in the proto punk band 'the Weeds' and later the psychedelic band 'Lollipop Shoppe', they drew from their vast experience to create their own unique sound on their albums. Their first four albums are a must for anyone, drifting from classic punk, to country influenced hard rock and interspaced by simple pop melodies. They recently had a documentary movie made detailing their history; Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story.



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