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Fantasy Premier League 2012/2013

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2012/2013 season is up and you now have the chance to sign up for the oncoming season, again!

Code to join RLLMUK league:

RLLMUK league - 4736-2188

You're also free to join mine if you like:

Cecil's Specials - 599-549


Cecil Ashitey has invited you to play in their Fantasy Premier League called Cecil's Specials and RLLMUK.

If you aren't already playing the game then you can register at


Once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the 'Leagues' heading, then “join a league”, select “Private league” and click the ‘Next’ button. Now enter the code 599-549 for Cecil's Specials and 4736-2188 for RLLMUK to join the private leagues.

Enjoy the game.

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Yeah, do that. The thread was a bit quiet last season, possibly because nobody knew who half of the teams actually were. I might rebrand AFC Roflcopter to Ukdazs Utd just so everyone knows who's beating them ;)

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Rllmuk Fantasy Members

Commander Jameson - Jamesons Jewels

redbloodcel - BLoodstream FC

Smoothy - Cecil's Specials

djbhammer - djbhammer united

DeadRussian - DeadRussian

mop - Schrodinger's Team

toythatkills - team mAtt

BigShimmeryWall - AC Sigil

The Grand Pursuivant - Overpaid Idiots

Patronsaint - Maximale Erfrischung

Pochacco - Pochacco Town FC

GrumpyLittleBear - Genuine Fakes

Jolly - Hakuna JuanMata

marcus - Lemmiwinks United

GazEFC - Yes! Yes! Yes!

ukdazs - Ukdazs Utd

Wincho - Inter Yorm Issus

murray - Murray Park Rangers

Danster - The Pirates

arokib666 - mmmmmmmmmm

Don Wiskerando - Don Wiskerando

McMond - McMondays

Razzle - Parklife

Bushtopher - Bush FC

AlwaysBeClosing - The Phnom Pennies

? - Surreal Madrid

Suffocate Peon - aehii united

(as of post #36)

Edited by Commander Jameson

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I'm on board with Hakuna JuanMata.

After being pipped to the post by Plums in our mates league (on the last day after being first for about six fucking months) I'm out for revenge.

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