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Finally I reached La-Mulana. The adventure starts here!


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I've found the boss of Inferno Cavern! And I wish I hadn't; it's absolutely kicking my nuts in. 


I even looked on the hint guide on Steam, and the first hint is "honestly, it's not one of the hardest bosses." Well, that's me told.



I think I remember that one being a real pain. I may have even left it for a while and come back later. Not very helpful, I know. Good luck!

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Killed the inferno boss! Wasn't that bad actually, once I'd got the hang of avoiding its attacks a bit better.


I've ploughed on and made significantly more progress. Found an area called 


Shrine of the Mother

which looks nasty.


Also, times I have killed a (sub)boss only to be killed by a trap in the next screen or two, meaning I have to kill the boss again = 3

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