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Official Star Wars Thread - May the force be with you


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I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet.



"This is the first installment of the world's biggest Star Wars fan film!


More than 400 volunteers have actively contributed to the completion of the work that was produced for less than 1% of the budget of a single episode of "The Mandalorian"!


April 3rd of 2017 was the first enquiry for crew members for the Test Scene (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MB72G7JdW-I) that was released on July 5th of 2018.


More than 30 volunteers helped create that work, which convinced the myriad of people to join for the bigger episode!


A trailer was released on May 4th of 2020 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk5Z67Gq10I) during the beginning of the Pandemic and from then on, it was a long and grueling reshuffling of the post production effort that stretched over more than 2½ years.


Leave your thoughts and comments below. The episode lives through the engagement you produce.


Thank you to all of the fans who have followed the journey of Shrouded Destiny for so long.


We hope to make many more fans along the way!


Please watch the credits until the end. There's no post-credits scene or anything, but these people have worked with great diligence and conviction in quite uncertain times for a dream. Let their names be seen. And the music heard.


This work is in no way shape or form affiliated to Disney or Lucasfilm. This is a non-profit fan film made for the Star Wars fans of the world!


With love, Shahbaz Sarwar & the global Shrouded Destiny team!"



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