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Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2020


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Damn, that’s a shame. A rare failure from the lead-out.


Still, an amazing Tour for Cav. Even if that’s it, and it well might be, what an achievement to match Mercx. And one Cav would have taken your arm off for at the start of the Tour.

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Genuine shame, I think he could’ve punched a hole through on the right if he went just a smidgen sooner before the door closed.  But what a Tour :) and what a Sunday sports fans!

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Yeah, the Cav come back and his unimaginable matching of Mercx's record have been the highlights of a less than brilliant Tour. His reactions, and those of his team and, indeed, other riders have been amazing and genuine expressions of raw emotion. 


Shame all the first week crashes did so much harm to the race as a GC competition, and I still have doubts about Pogacar, but roll on next year as it remains one of the great sporting spectacles.


I do hope Cav has the form and opportunity to get that 35th win next time out.


Right, when's the Vuelta? 

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For me that is probably the least interesting GT since Nibali's tour win in 2014. It was basically over by stage 8. The race itself was dominated by TJV, Bahrain and UAE in terms of stage wins. No one to contest sprints due to the crashes. It had some nice stories in it if you can suspend your disbelief. I can't tbh.


Fingers crossed La Vuelta might be a bit more interesting. It generally is the most chaotic GT anyway.

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On 05/07/2021 at 16:58, Graham S said:

Possible lack of competition aside, times look fast. 


Ultimately we can’t know unless a test gets him or word gets out years down the line. Second guessing which ones are dopers or if they all are is a fool’s game. But sometimes you watch it, and just think, no.


The climbing level of the 2021 Tour de France was lower than last year (mainly because of the bad weather in the Alps and the crashes). The highest climbing performance of the Tour was Pogacar's raid on Romme (~6,4 w/kg for 27:08) and Colombiere(~6,3 w/kg for 21:53). #TDF2021

Pogacar DID NOT reach in this edition the numbers he did last year on Peyresourde and PDBF. Probably because he didn't need to, he wasn't pushed hard enough. But he did confirm his frightening time-trial power showed on PDBF '20 by winning the first ITT. 👽 #TDF2021
In the Pyrenees, some of Pogacar's rivals refound their best level. If they climbed like that to Le Grand-Bornand, they wouldn't have lost 3 freaking minutes, no way! That was was maybe a combination of Pogacar flying in the rain and the rest giving up on Colombiere. #TDF2021

Tadej Pogacar was just a few seconds away from breaking the historic climbing records on Romme, Colombiere and Luz-Ardiden but the only one he did break was Col de Portet. 🤷‍♂️ Carapaz and Vingegaard climbed too faster than Quintana in 2018. #TDF2021

There were many riders who climbed much slower compared to their best level (Lopez, Quintana, Porte...) but also two riders who have set their personal best performances in this Tour: Jonas Vingegaard and Ben O'connor. #TDF2021


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