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Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2020

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44 minutes ago, MemoryLeak said:

That’s a great read.


I’ve got a real soft spot for David Millar. I don’t enjoy watching cycling as much  if he’s not commenting. Similarly I think Gary Imlach is an absolutely brilliant anchor, he’s genuinely funny and dry with it. 

I’m going to really miss watching the ITV highlights every night. 

Reading that bit about the ITV highlights, the TdF tune played in my head (you know, it plays going into and out of adverts...)


found it :D 




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Uh oh...


just catching up with the Paris coverage now, Imlach talking through the GC table: “Richie Porte, the patron saint of cycling misfortune” :lol:


I like Richie Porte, but I imagine if he went to casino he would probably lose all his money and somehow contrive to lose a limb too...

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These last few days in the Giro have been pretty extraordinary.


Highly debatable that the race should even have been run but the withdrawal of two major teams through COVID and the loss of the pre-race favourites gave us a an amazing race. 


Seven stage wins and the GC after losing their leader and being forced to ride a non-typical Sky/Ineos race is really quite something.

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And they took the lead in the Vuelta today, as @footlesuggest reports of Ineos’s demise were rather overstated!


Was an amazing race that early on with the COVID positives looked like it might not get very far. What’s amazing is that Tao and Jai were 11 and 10 on GC after the second TT, over 3:30 down on the leader at the start of the third week. We knew it was a tough week but what a turn around for two young riders. It’s been said a lot this year but the younger generation is really coming through, 1,2 and 3 in the young riders competition were 1,2 and 4 on GC.

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