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Rllmuk NASCAR 2012

T Pot

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No worries.

I was looking for an update and hadn't noticed the new page and your message 'til a second ago. It's probably better for me after the last few days and a hectic night at Silverstone and Infineon-and-on!

You get better and we can easily pick things up down the line. I'll still be looking forward to it whenever it is. :)

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Get well soon, Antonius!

I can use the postpone as well as I'm really busy getting things sorted for my holiday. I'm off this Saturday for 2 weeks so if the race is being rescheduled and I'm not there, you know why.

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not particularly, apart from tomorrow night. my schedule's quite open at the moment.

BTW, is it OK if I run my own car? last night I transferred my Livery across from my Monte Carlo to the Fusion:


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