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Rllmuk NASCAR 2012

T Pot

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Right. I think we should get a date set up. I can do anything if I have notice.

I'm thinking probably within the next two/three weeks?

Is there any date or time people can't make?

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Random question. Should I buy a bunch of cars so we can have them painted differently and sit them in a club garage for people to use?

Or shall I just lock the race to the Ford Fusion stock car so everyone has the same colours but it is a quicker set up?

Locking the race to a single car dioesn't force the paintjobs - if you pick the car out of your garage it'll still be liveried. if stock upgrades and tuning is set, the car will look unpainted when selevcting it from your garage, but will be liveried in the lobby.

Having everyone in indentical-looking cars would lose a lot of the appeal for me - NASCAR should be about brightly coloured cars with big numbers advertising guns, beer, and pork products.

I'm out of the country between the 19th and 26th of July, so can;y race then.

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I've got a paint setup done. I'll apply it to all the cars and have a different base colour for each team.

I've currently got the girlfriends 10 year old niece testing the car for me :P

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