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Rllmuk NASCAR 2012

T Pot

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Indianopolis Oval Circuit.

How Long:
50 Laps

Ford Fusion Stock Car (The Car will be available in a club garage on the night of the event)

Two drivers, up to 8 teams

Full Sim

Always On

Random Grid

Not Allowed:
Pit Manoeuvres, Heavy Ramming, Driving Backwards.

Are Allowed:
Gentle Trading Paint, Pit Stops,

1: 20
2: 18
3: 16
4: 14
5: 10
6: 8
7: 6
8: 4
9: 2
10: 1
11-16: 0

5 Point Driver Bonus for Fastest Lap.

Team based Scores will be all team members added together.

Prize Money:
1st: 3 Million
2nd: 2 Million
3rd: 1 Million

Winning Team: 500,000 each.

Confirmed Drivers:
King Antonius
Picasso of Pain
f. Grimes
Boozy The Clown
Manic Street Preacher
Balham Badger

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Sorry I should have said. I was thinking the Sedona Oval.

Nice and high speed making it a bit more fun for overtakes and slipstreaming.

Should be good! Just bear in mind that Sedona is by far the tightest of the ovals in Forza, if we get a full room for this it could be utter chaos.

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I'll give it a try Sharky.

I've done it with computers Syntax. It does get spread out with little pockets of similar drivers.

Pit stops will be needed, and you have things like if you damage your car, you'll have to limp round to the pits, which will then make it more interesting with the faster cars coming round while you are off the racing line etc.

@ Multiclunk Not sure, once we have a group of people we can figure out when is best.

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Would that be one of the brighter tracks too, Meers? I struggled with the lighting of the main Sedona circuit in Forza 3 - so if that hasn't changed much in 4, a track that's easier on the eyes would be appreciated (if the game arrives in time and there's a spare seat). A wide track sounds good and if you've already enjoyed running that course...

"Woo!", "Yeah!" and other hyper-animated so ons and so forths.

Did you get to try the tracks, Antonius? If you did, any thoughts on what you liked or think might work well?

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How long would it roughly take, couple of hours? I quite fancy it, but hardly play Forza (so would likely limp in last) and would struggle to put aside much longer than an hour.

However, as soon as a date and time is decided I will let you know if I can make it. Midweek between 9 and 10 is best for me (not that I expect you to arrange it around me obv)

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I'll be doing the limping, thank you! That's in-game and not! :D

Unless you're the ultra-competitive type that has to win, don't worry about it, Syntax. Not being able to play much doesn't hold me back from the F1 league (those guys are practised and fast!) and I've got a hope that Forza will lean more towards what Antonius has seen, resulting in groups of us rolling round - races within the race, if you like.

I've hardly touched any of the games (happened to see this morning that I've had more time sat doing nothing in 3's menus than I have on the track! :lol: ), 4's only just arrived this afternoon and I have other hurdles, but I'll be going for it when I can and hoping for - most of all - an hour or whatever it is of fun now and again. If you've got the inclination and can fit the schedule into your free time, I hope that you'll at least give it a go. Perhaps do a couple of races or so to let yourself get into it and find out if you like it or not?

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You've only just got forza 4 today? Nice :P

Wan me to gift you a ford fusion so you can practice?

Regarding length, I can't see it taking more than 60-70mins. On the Sedona Oval you can lap in less than a minute in the Fusion.

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Got ya! You mean: "Easy prey!" :D

I don't know when I'll get to the game, but that'd be really cool to have a look at the Fusion. I've missed a chunk of the thread, so I'll have a look over it all when I'm feeling more with it and if I can, see if there's anything available of the cars listed. More likely, I'll just turn up - but it's all good!

I expect to remove Forza 3 from the memory stick so that I can get 4 installed, then I'll see about using my bit of progress for the few cars it'll give me (up to a Veyron 16.4, I think). I'll not reach higher levels in either game, so that'll do me.

See you all on-line soon! 8)

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@ Multiclunk Not sure, once we have a group of people we can figure out when is best.

Ok thanks, I'll keep an eye on the thread then, stick me down as a 'probably'

May I suggest the Motegi oval? It is nice and wide. Done a similar online thing before on there and it was great.

i'd second this suggestion, it is nice and wide and the two 'corners' are quite different to each other. It a bit longer than the other one I think as well.

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Motegi is great fun. Nice and fas through the first bend, then into the smaller one you have to lift off and drop a gear to get round cleanly.

Indy Oval. Very very fast. Looking at 185-200mph in the straights, 160-180mph in the corners. Could be fun, but it has long long straights followed by easy, open corners.

Sedona. Quick, awkward entry and exits to the corners at high speeds, narrow track and a lot of glare on the dashboard of the cars which could get annoying after 30 laps.

I'm prefering the Indy Oval right now, but I'm going to give Motegi another try.

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I think the best circuit for this will be the Indy Oval. It's fast and wide, but if you dot get the line right in the corners you have to really drop the speed.

Nice long pit lane as me & Zobzo found out last night both going in and trying to get out first.

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We can always come back (and have it more than a one-off!). Start with either of the two and see how it goes. Indy sounds like a good intro track. This stuff always seems to get over-complicated on the forums, so why don't we just go for it?

By the way, a couple of hundred million?! Does the game throw its money at you or have you played it a lot? :D

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Random question. Should I buy a bunch of cars so we can have them painted differently and sit them in a club garage for people to use?

Or shall I just lock the race to the Ford Fusion stock car so everyone has the same colours but it is a quicker set up?

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Have we got a lot of painters around? Other than a quick paint change, I've not got time (or skill yet) for that and would have to rely on help there to say the least. Stock would be fine with me (as would any choice that means we can just get on with it!).

In my first go with the game, I ran a few laps on Indy and the Motegi oval last night. I was taken back two decades with Indy (just needed my Amiga mouse!) and did indeed find it a nice introduction - definitely a good track for a first run. Motegi was a tricky little blighter! I didn't tweak either the car or controls and it was a bit edgy when it came to braking. Could be an interesting one and it will certainly bite back for anyone not on their game. I saw that just in the testing mode - which of course doesn't bring any of the tyre wear matters to the driving.

Incidentally, does every car in this game sound angry?! :lol: Even my untouched little VW growled all the way round the circuit as it ate that tarmac! :D

I need to find the explanations on the forum about this club thing now...

P.S. Got up to 100K credits last night. Go me! :lol:

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