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Die Hard > Die Hard With A Vengeance > Die Hard 2: Die Harder > Live Free & Die Hard.


Everytime I watch Forrest Gump and he finds out that he has a son and asks Jenny "is he...like me?" and his voice breaks and he wells up then I do the same. Every fucking time.

Also, Turner & Hooch is Tom Hanks best film.

For me it would be:

Die Hard>Die Hard 2>>>>>>Die Hard With A Vengeance>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dog shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Die Hard 4.0

I'm dreading to see what they do with Die Hard 5.

Anyone else really miss Tom Hanks as a comedy actor in general ? He's so serious now that I forgot until recently when watching Bachelor Party how great he is in comedies. Real shame :(

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- I found Lost in Translation to be utterly boring (apart from Scarlett Johansson's arse)

True dat. I thought it was just self-indulgant wank. Boring people are bored being boring. From what I remember from the thread about it at the time, the overall opinion was "it's set in Japan! It's brilliant!"

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Universal Soldier Renegeration is one of the better action films in recent years even compared to some bigger hollywood films. Some brutal knife action in there.

I have a real soft spot for a lot of those straight to video action films of the 90's, usually produced by Richard Pepin and Joesph Merhi. They usually have some decent enough gunfights and a few car chases with everything else generally being terrible.

This is probably my biggest shame, I love Notting Hill. It's the sort of film I should absolutely despise, I don't like any other Hugh Grant romantic comedy but I love that one. Find it a very charming film with a very likeable cast, even Hugh Grants 'uuuumm ummm ummmm' style of character works really well within it.

Most definitely agree with Shoot Em Up being great, I chuckled with glee at that film though my mate hated it :lol: Never seen Gamer though, everything I've seen of that made it look piss poor, maybe I should actually give it a chance.

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I can't understand how Paul Anderson made something as good as Event Horizon.

Event Horizon is terrible. It scared the shit out of me when I was about 14 but I saw it again about a month ago and it really is bad. Sorry.

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Two M*A*S*H confessions:

1) I have never seen an episode of the TV series.

2) I didn't find the movie funny at all. I can understand to an extent why it was remarkable when it came out (subversive at a time when the Vietnam war was going on; first mainstream movie to include the word "fuck"). But watching it a couple of years ago... I think I might've laughed twice.

It wasn't as good as Catch-22, the rival anti-war comedy that came out the same year (though even the bits of that I found funny were nowhere near as good as the novel).

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Evil guy steals something dangerous and holds the world to ransom

Bond goes to investigate, travels the world

"Bond, James Bond."

Bond shags Bond girl 1 (who gets killed later on), beats up some goons

Bond fights Evil guy's henchman, gets a bit bruised

Bond kills Evil guy and saves the world.

Bond shags Bond girl 2

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Despite having seen all of them countless times, I can't relate the plot of any Bond film.

I have this problem with a lot of childhood favourites. It's as if, even now, I'm viewing them as a child, ignoring the plot and just waiting for the cool action bits.

I've seen The Wrath of Khan countless times, and even now I find myself not remembering what's coming next or why they're doing certain things. I'll work it all out while I'm watching the film, but then it disappears from my head like a fading dream.

Compare that to something like Heat, which I saw when I was older. I could tell you every single little plot point of that film.

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I haven't seen - nor am I interested in - any of the Nolan Batman films.

I don't think Batman, nor Superman for that matter, are interesting characters (based only on films, I don't read comics).

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