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I write film reviews under the pen name, Christopher Tookey.

Haha! Is he still reviewing in the Daily Mail or wherever it was? I always used to think 'does this guy actually like films?' as most of his reviews were 1 or 2 stars!

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Replace Lord of The Rings with Taxi Driver or 2001 and we're on the same page.

Not that those are bad films, I'd be mad to insinuate such a thing, but they're not my idea of a fun night in, with some beers and a big dirty takeaway.

Oh and Rock of Ages was better than Prometheus...

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I also felt that way about Spotless Mind.

I've never seen Blade Runner (But bought the Final Cut yesterday)

I fucking enjoy Street Fighter and Masters of the Universe purely for Raul Julia and Frank Langella.

I secretly like xXx starring Vin Diesel.

I fucking love Beverly Hills Cop 2 but have never seen the first.

I'm a minor encyclopaedia of Godzilla movie knowledge but have never seen any of them.

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I've only watched Blade Runner twice, once in 2008, and most recently a few months ago, both times the Final Cut version. On both occasions I found the film tedious, slow, confusing, characterless and too slanted in favour of style and visuals over substance and a coherent, engaging story. Maybe it was just too subtle for me, I don't know. (My first viewing was more enjoyable for me, as while I was watching I made mental notes for where all those early '90s Amiga games ripped off ideas from.)

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I'm scared to even post of my crimes in this thread. I realised a while a go that I may not be a fan of films but rather how they do at the box office and their trailers. I'm not even sure what that means.

Notables I haven't seen - Alien, 2001, Most of Scorcese's early stuff inc. Mean Streets and Taxi Driver. Apocalypse Now, The Conversation, The Godfather 2. The list would indeed go on and on.

And in my darkest moments, while Diamonds are Forever is my favourite Bond film, I've always enjoyed Moore's Bond stuff more.

(I've just banned myself)

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I've never seen The Shawshank Redemption. It seems to be everyone's favourite film which has, foolishly, put me off.

See also; The Godfather.

I was the same position until last week! I thought it was a great film and not sure why i hadn't bothered to watch it yet.

Also, I have no seen The green mile so i will watch that soon too.

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