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The Wonderful 101 - from Platinum - directed by Hideki Kamiya


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WERRHHGEERRRGRH!1! It's not fair that people get to play this before me.

What do you people with review copies do when friends come round?

I have no friends, so that's not an issue for me.

Normal's the hardest difficulty available from the outset, but it's Kamiya's definition of Normal - in other words, Hard.

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I need to pre-order this - where is a good place to order these days. I foolishly tried to get Pikmin from the shops at the weekend and now my window of playtime opportunity has passed (bloody inlaws visiting for two fucking weeks). The mentions of Viewtiful Joe have got me very excited.

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The w101 direct is today at 3pm (uk time) they have just announced that there is a special announcement at the end of the direct :o a new platinum game for Nintendo? Luigi in w101? Iwata is pregnant with Miyamotos son? Only one way to find out :P

#platinum resurrecting an unused Nintendo ip would be great, but perhaps another original from them will be better

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Hammer and Claws are awesome, btw. Claw especially is a real flashy character to use; his claw can even shoot beams a bit. Hammer's mostly good when he has his temporary powered-up 'big' hammer; that thing does INSANE damage.

Still loving the game, although I do hate the vehicle/turret set-pieces. They just ain't a lot of fun, especially not compared to the awesome combat.

I like the variety. If it was all combat it'd get a bit samey, even given that you have a lot of options in combat. It fits the superhero theme of the game - it's all about the set-pieces, so it makes sense to have vehicle sequences as well as combat.

Guardian review - seems like Kamiya gets the point of the gamepad.


Yeah, if there's one thing everyone will surely agree on it's that Kamiya understands the possibilities of two-screen play.

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The w101 direct is today at 3pm (uk time) they have just announced that there is a special announcement at the end of the direct :o a new platinum game for Nintendo? Luigi in w101? Iwata is pregnant with Miyamotos son? Only one way to find out :P

#platinum resurrecting an unused Nintendo ip would be great, but perhaps another original from them will be better

Wii Fit balance board as playable character?

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Anybody else having trouble getting at that Guardian review?

It came out before the embargo so was taken down... ill nick the fill text from gaf:

Review by Simon Parkin @SimonParkin

If Pikmin 3, Nintendo's great summer hope for its beleaguered Wii U console,

has you directing a herd of miniature helpers, The Wonderful 101, the company's

leftfield, summer sleeper-hit-in-waiting, puts you in control of an angry mob.

In both games you sweep through the landscape as a hustling cluster of bodies.

In both games you use this crowd's wisdom and strength to create pathways to

your objectives, and to eliminate the foes and obstacles in your way.


only in The Wonderful 101 can you, with a delicate swipe of the finger, arrange

your swarm into a giant pink spiked whip used to tear the armour from your

opponents, or a pea green handgun used to launch your minions as a kind of

fleshy ammunition, or even a Soviet hammer that pounds the concrete in a thick

Russian accent. If Pikmin 3 is the Gardener's World of ponderous strategy games,

The Wonderful 101 is police helicopter footage of a sweltering Los Angeles



The premise and styling is as wild-eyed as anything to

come from Platinum Games, the most boisterous of Japan's contemporary video-game

developers. The titular 101 is a group of topflight superheroes plucked from

each of the world's nations. Each individual has his or her own unique styling

and ability, but this is a game about the power of co-operation, not individual

might. The swarm might be composed of individuals, but it must act as a single

entity. Using either the Wii U pad's touchscreen or one of its stiff analogue

sticks, you can shepherd your mob into esoteric tools and weapons by tracing

shapes. The larger the shape you draw, the greater the number of superheroes who

add their bodies to its formation.


Platinum's talent for the

set piece is brought to the fore by way of the game's chosen style, that of the

'Tokusatsu' – the genre of special effect-heavy Japanese TV shows and films that

include Godzilla and Kamen Rider. In this way, play is routinely interrupted for

an outrageous and delightfully inventive gameplay intermission as you, for

example, fire giant baseballs into an alien's face on a baseball field, or use

your mob to tickle a 50-foot robot's underarm, or morph into a giant hang-glider

and tear through the whipping wind collecting upgrade tokens.

It's in

these moments that Platinum displays a mastery of the Wii U hardware hitherto

unseen, even in Nintendo's homegrown titles. One especially memorable section

has you controlling a giant spacecraft on the television screen by marshalling

the 101 onto directional pressure pads in a cockpit that's rendered on the Wii U

pad's screen. If this weren't enough to juggle, you must simultaneously battle

enemies in both the cockpit on the pad and in the skies on the TV screen. It is

a genuinely novel gameplay invention and gives a true taste of the Wii U's

untapped potential and promise.

But all of this unbridled creativity

comes at the cost of some refinement. The scrappiness of the action extends

upwards and outwards throughout the entire game, which struggles to marshal its

ambitions and ideas into a perfectly coherent whole. An alchemy system allows

you to create new items from collected pieces of fruit, although its workings

are left unexplained; each of the 101 you collect can be levelled up

individually, although its unclear what benefits this brings to the whole. New

moves and attacks unlock seemingly at random and the means of exposing the

game's intermittent in-situ bonus levels is opaque.

Finally, the game's

tall difficulty belies its accessible aesthetic: make no mistake, this is a far

more demanding proposition than its Pikmin cousin. And yet, these are the

hallmarks that make Platinum's output some of the most exciting work in

contemporary video games: scruffy invention in a playpen that allows for player

mastery. In the midst of this riot of ideas and unrefined energy we can perceive

some of the Wii U system's idiosyncratic wonder. It may not be a game to sell a

system, but The Wonderful 101 provides ample justification for Nintendo's

eccentric hardware.

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I hope the announcement is that they're going to be a Nintendo first party, if only for the amazing internet meltdown that will follow.

Or Platinum just saying it's going multiplatform with smartglass. Inaba putting his hand on a sobbing Iwata's shoulder -"Please understand."

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