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Wii U: Pikmin 3

Dr Derek Doctors

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So, they're getting their own show now? Introducing Pikmin Shorts. Yeah.

-They’d considered doing something like this for Nintendo’s characters many times in the past, but avoided it because of the difference between an interactive game and a film.
-Another reason is that a film requires much more ‘setting in stone’ about the characters and world that could be limiting for the company when it comes to future games.
-However, with Pikmin, they’re very small inside the game and you can’t see them well without zooming in close. So he thought shorts might be a good fit for the Pikmin series as it’d allow there to be more focus on the actual Pikmin.
-Storyboards for the shorts were made by Miyamoto using Flipnote 3DS.
-Made by an external CGI company. They also produced the opening of the 2012 E3 Presentation, where Miyamoto was followed by CGI Pikmin.
-They originally intended to make ten 3-minute short films, but after making the first one they decided on making longer ones. The 2nd is 8 minutes and the 3rd is 13 minutes long.
-The 3rd film features 500 Pikmin on screen at once and Pikmin covered in mud, which are things they can’t do in-game.
-The models used are based on the game’s models, but as the CGI required about 10 times the fidelity of that in the latest game, so the 3D models in the shorts themselves are mostly new.
-Miyamoto says the live-action Super Mario Brothers film was an interesting interpretation of the universe. When he first read the script, it was a heart-warming tale, like a Disney movie from his childhood, but it gradually evolved into the movie we know today. He thinks it’s interesting what a different interpretation can bring. Yeah, right.
-Release timing for the Pikmin shorts unannounced; may be compiled together with the logo-movie for Toho Cinemas (which also features Pikmin) when released on 3DS.
-Plans on releasing world-wide; no language to localize.
-Pikmin 3 demo is in the works (why only now?).
-Miyamoto wants the short films to be a gateway [drug] for some to play the Pikmin games.
Guess it was too much to hope for claymation? Y'know like the excellent Pikmin 2 box art.
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Playing this at the moment. I THINK I love it, but not sure.

Found it a bit daunting at the beginning, going between the different control schemes. (Settled with the GC-like gamepad controls) I was also getting a bit wigged out swapping between commanders. Stopped doing that as I read it's not essential

Was also getting stressed out returning all the Pikmin back home, until I read that you don't need to do that either! (In ANY of the Pikmin games. I've been playing Pikmin wrong all this time!)

So now I've enough juice to survive a few days at a time without finding any, and slowly unlocking paths around the environment. Soaking it in a bit more.

Thing is, I'm now scared that I've missed something else and it's actually not a good idea to be going so slowly. Whatever, I think I'm playing it right.

Looks amazing, and love Brittany's dialogue. "Lots of little green Captains! Eugh!" As a whole, it's all nicely dusted with Nintendo's magic fun powder, so worth playing for sure.

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On 25/04/2014 at 10:13, chris on the moon said:

That silver for the last boss battle, the one I thought I'd never be able to do, since I couldn't do it without losing pikmin?

 I just got a platinum first time on the switch version. It turns out you're just judged on time and you can let pikmin die. 

Ffs 7 years ago Chris 😩

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