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E3 - Nintendo Conference Thread - 3DS Conference (June 6th/2am)


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Zombie U looks really good. I think the use of the extra screen is great too. Not convinced by anything else. If Zombie U was somehow coming to SmartGlass/360 I'd be well up for it.

Here's the thing, it's an ultra-generic 10-a-penny looking Zombie FPS. But we were that battered into submission by mini-games and marketing drones that it somehow seemed special.

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Well that's it for me guys, gaming is clearly no longer a viable hobby. I hear there's amazing things going on in Stamp Collecting these days, so I might try that for a bit, see how I get on.

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"Not as many surprises as people were expecting."

No shit, Geoff.

Still the best of the big three conferences for me because I adore Mario, but my god. How did they mess this shit up. How do they still not realise what their core audience like.

How did they manage to recreate the abortion that was E3 2006 (?).

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Worse e3 in 11 years.

Calling it now Sony, MS and Nintendo all felt like they had run out of creative ideas.

Sadly the entire industry feels like it has hit the rocks and does not know what it wants to make, let alone who their audience are. In an era when games cost more and more to develop it feels like everyone takes the safe option and copies the latest big thing.

In all honesty the best show for me, in fact the best portfolio for me was Ubisoft.

Ubisoft, I never thought I'd say that.

Well done to those mad French men at least they had new IP and interesting old IP.

In short I feel old and miserable.

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Well after this conference, with the possible exception of NSMBU, Nintendo has just convinced me to stick with the 3DS.

NSMB2, Paper Mario Sticker Star and Luigi's Mansion eclipse the entire Wii U line-up.

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Sony and MS at least had a few titles that looked really good to me, like Halo 4 and The Last of Us.

This? Not so much, The LEGO game looks fun and I'm sure Mario and Pikmin are okay, but I was more impressed by what Ubi showed of Rayman Legends yesterday. That's the star of the E3 line-up for me.

But nothing from Retro or EAD. :(

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I automatically have doubts when they refuse to mention ANY technical info about a new machine. I get they might not want to bore people with specs but there should at least be some main points that get highlighted. I'm thinking the WiiU is gonna get blown away when MS and Sony show their next gen efforts.

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Fucking hell, this post-conference Nu Family video is retch-making.

"Hey, let's sit pointlessly waving the pad about in the air - then switch the view to the TV so we can all watch mom float about aimlessly!"


You should be watching Gametrailers. The panel are destroing Nintendo's presentation :D

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