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E3 - Nintendo Conference Thread - 3DS Conference (June 6th/2am)


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Even Scott is going to find it difficult to justify that second screen after this. Not a single legitimate or innovative use of it. It's all map screens, inventory management and the occasional holding it up to do stuff that could just as easily be done on your TV screen.

They could've spent hundreds of millions designing a fuck-off, bleeding edge powerhouse and bunging publishers for hugely enhanced versions of CoD, GTAV et al & stole a march on the others for the proper next gen. Instead they serve up something without a perceptible technical edge & a controller so pointless that even their own flagship titles do nothing of use with. Incredible.

All three gave 'between generations' conferences. Unfortunately, that included Sony, who launched a new handheld a few months ago and Nintendo whose new console feels like something on its last legs before it's even been launched.

Apple win E3. Just release a fucking controller, please.

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