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E3 - Nintendo Conference Thread - 3DS Conference (June 6th/2am)

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Add this stuff as well:

Nintendo also has two other presentations:

Developer discussion with Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi

Tuesday, June 5, 11:30 PM PT

Software Showcase

Wednesday, June 6, 06:00 PM PT

And the pre-E3 conference today where it looks like we're going to get some WiiU hardware news.

Cheers for that, updated the OP.

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Stupid question but can you stream this through the Wii? I know MS are doing their E3 show through the Xbox and I'm guessing Sony are doing it through *shudder* Home. Or is it just easier to use Youtube?

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Just to be clear: the pre-E3 conference is at 3pm PDT (Pacific)/6pm EDT (Eastern) tonight.

That's 11pm BST (UK time), 10pm UTC/GMT, midnight CEST (European time).

The times listed on Nintendo's stream are misleading, since they're using GMT when they mean UK time and CET when they mean European time. Nintendo's Facebook page has a countdown based on the correct time.

The Facebook page has been updated - turns out they did mean 11pm in the end.

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For anyone else bothered by the social stream, scroll to the bottom of it and then all the way back up. It should no longer instantly refresh and just refresh a 'xxx new messages' button instead.


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