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E3 - Microsoft Conference Thread (June 4th)


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Wait a minute, since when did Angry Birds become the de-facto "fire things to blow something up" game?

Does everything have to be compared to that now? There was a better tower destruction mini-game on Worms Armageddon last millennium...

Stop whinging ;)
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Christ, it's not even an exclusive title. Seriously Microsoft.

I need to check out a release list, and look at the titles I'm currently missing from the Xbox so far, as I've seen nothing exclusive to the 360 during this show that makes me want to keep the machine when I have a PS3.

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We live in a world where the best presentation at the conference was Obsidian's South Park game and where the most original thing was the 9th Tomb Raider game and even then it looks suspiciously like a cover shooter.

I'm going to go plug in my megadrive.

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The money shot is here... COD: Black ops 2

If the moneyshot is cod blops 2 then it's an embarassing tiny little expulsion of watery fluid from someone trying to hard to please after struggling too long to put anything out at all.

Something that might have been produced by the person who just did the introduction.

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Nowt there. Halo 4 probably looks the best out of what they had, but there was nothing much to see there either. The rest of the games - Kinect aside - look like they're converging into one more-or-less generic third-person cover shooter with lots of FMV and QTEs. Oh, and COD.

Sony will have to go some to outdo this for dullness, but I think they might manage it. Nintendo will win E3, possibly just for being funniest, and having hardware that people can argue about. This is just a homogeneity of seen-it-all-beforeness. And the guys from South Park taking the piss a bit. That part was ok.

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Holy shit, that's it? Worst E3 conference ever? Yes, definitely. Zero interest to meh on every single item.

I think I am officially over my 30 year gaming addiction - only thing I was thinking was "yeah, I'll rent tomb raider and RE6".

It's so obvious this is the end of this generation and they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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