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E3 - Sony Conference Thread (June 4/5th)


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The quantic dreams tech demo with the android girl was MUCH more impressive than that interview scene.

After all that stuff about Ellen being an amazing actress, what a bizarre choice of a scene to trailer. And for all the beautiful artworkm, what an awful lot of cliche on display in the scipt and characterisation. If it was a movie trailer I'd not be too hyped about seeing it.

There really needs to be more of a synergy between movie talent and game development. Not just actors. But script writers. Directors. Cinematogrophers.

But mainly script writers.

I'd forgotten about that Kara tech demo. You're right, that was infinitely more compelling than what they showed tonight.

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Have they shown any yet? I don't think cut scenes count as games.

I think Beyond, judging from Heavy Rain, will be largely a cut-scene style game.

And All Stars Battle Royale was gameplay.

But, no, like MS, Sony are now banging on about their providers.

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