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Cyberpunk 2077 - PS5 and XSeries versions out now + major patch


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16 hours ago, multi said:

Just read somewhere that the latest patch, due soon, will zoom out the mini-map when driving.


That should belatedly cheer up a few of us still playing this.

came here to say that


it’s the main reason I stopped my 2nd play through - I got tired of crashing and missing turns



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18 minutes ago, shirubagan said:

This is live on their Twitch stream right now https://m.twitch.tv/cdprojektred

So far: 

• Crafting improved
• Re-spec stats
• Get a pet cat


T-posing and loads of other 'fun' stuff on display there. That must be mighty embarrassing.

Just release the creator kit equivalent and let the community do the rest, please, before there is no community left. :(

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Not least when it's on top of 6 months of existing bug fixes.


I'd anticipate a fair bit more disgruntlement with the lack of notable new features and improvements though, and I don't know that a couple of extra outfits was the DLC anyone was hoping for either.

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59 minutes ago, K said:

That is one hell of a changelog. 

That’s absolutely ridiculous, especially after all the work they’ve already done. It could have done with another year or two in development.

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There's a bunch of fixes for things that have bothered me in the changelog so that's nice. At this point I think I'll be holding out until the next gen update though, its pretty galling to have to sit through those long loading screens on PS5, especially when you can die quite often on Hard/Very Hard. I reached the point of no return on my previous stint (last patch) but have still got a ton of quests and gigs to do, so I figure I might as well experience them in the best quality possible. 

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Obviously everyone assumed "free DLC" to mean something along the lines what Witcher 2 and 3 received: on top of cosmetics, also new quests, new equipment, even new cinematics, new intro, loads of additions that make the base game even better. And that's probably what CDPR had in mind also. Until the clusterfuck happened and now they feel obligated to keep their promise but a handful of pathetic cosmetics is all they could muster.

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