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Cyberpunk 2077 - Please use spoiler tags

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Series X performance mode is pretty solid. It's a little soft visually but that actually sorts works for the aesthetic. 


Don't bother with quality mode. 


Played past the prologue (Corpo) and through the first mission, it seems pretty brilliant. 

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Currently just over 2 hours in, and semi rough edges aside it is breathtaking... 


Review in progress


Pros and cons so far:


Blown away by the character interactions not being forced framed static Bethesda faces, and the characters go about their habits/chores whilst talking. Incredible.


Art direction is just sublime, with the city so far feeling stacked to the high heavens in terms of structural verticality, and the use of colour breaking everything into perfectly composed scenes. 


Gunplay and so on is pretty good, probably above what I was expecting to be honest so an absolute plus. 


Rough edges are apparent with a couple of incredibly minor bugs such as popping through the roof of the car briefly whilst Jackie was chinwagging, cars appearing at a distance yet disappearing as they got close and so on. Honestly though, minor in the grand scheme of these open world beasts so far. 


Only real cons to me, are there are some hard cuts to loads at times that feel weird, and the UI is incredibly overwhelming, plus whilst tmit runs well on PS5, there are noticeably missing shadows in many areas, and a softness to the game that makes me want to pick up the pc version to ultra it up and see what it can really do. 


It really is an absolute treat. I just want to indulge all morning but I best go to sleep as Emma will wake me at 10 telling me "it's 10 you lazy bastard... Come and hug the cat"... Which is a fair point, as cats are fucking mint. 


Oh I also stroked a cat in this game too... 10/10


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2 hours ago, Wahwah* said:

I'm not convinced they've got any.


Yeah, me neither. I only bought from them because I expected the RRP to be £59.99, but it's the same price on Live as it was for the key.  If it's not ready in the morning then I wonder if I can get a refund.

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Played through until you get to your apartment. So far no problems, apart from some basic clipping issues. Looks amazing. 

Work today, but will sink some proper time in this evening. It’s quite something already though

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First impressions are good. It's beautiful looking. I havent seen any bugs yet. Some of the missions are a bit vague though, basically if it involves a trader you just take the free highlighted item from their shop, maybe I'm dim but it took me a while to realise that. I keep assuming everything is bugged when i can't see what to do, but so far that hasn't been the case.

It seemed fine in hardest difficulty but Ive bumped it down one because:



The second on rails car fight  just seemed to leave me completely exposed without the firepower to take down the guys shooting at me, which was ... frustrating. I might bump it back up again, but so far Hard seems about right. This is with all the aim assist etc off.


I was starting to get a bit worried reading all the negativity yesterday, but I'm very happy so far.

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