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Game of Thrones - No Book Chat. NONE. The Books don't exist.


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The whole setup of the battle gets my inner crossbows and catapults geek on.


I'd have ringed Winterfell in a wide moat of tar and ignited it once a large portion of wights had already crossed it. That would incinerate a large amount right there and then. The ones inside the ring I would start pelting with catapults loaded with flaming projectiles. Any wights that got near my forward lines would be chopped to pieces by unsullied with pikes and shields and stabby swords for up close. They'd be accompanied by peasants whos sole job it would be to set on fire downed wights plus any friendlies who die also, so they cant rise again.


I'd have a large force of knights of the vale and dothraki cavalry who'd been tasked with riding around the wight force, ready to charge into the back of them.


And my pièce de résistance would be housing both dragons inside stone towers. There'd be 4 which the dragons could saunter between the towers, which would have slits in them and they would just hose down anything within range, and be nice and snug shielded from nasty magic spears.


Just give me the Iron throne now. ;) 

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That episode just elevated Game of Thrones beyond some of the best action movie sequences I’ve ever seen. To the fucking stars. Holy shit. 



Things I didn’t know could happen did, and I loved them.

Things I thought would be lame as fuck happened, and I was glad of them. 


That fucking director, man. 


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