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League Cup - Season 27

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Ok mate have been to work all day just read this thread I will be on tonight 10:30 onwards as its the only time I can get on and I'm at work all day tommorow but probs can get on the night about 10:00 hope this is ok I would like to play the game as I think we will have a good game so if it's tommorow I hope kinky will give us that little BitTorrent time ,plus of you play me tonight I have been drinking quite a lot lol:)

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Lille (Trevski) 2 - 5 Tottenham Hotspur (MardiganX)

Lennon (3), Modric, Adebayor

Its been a few seasons since me and Trevski have been able to throw down but it was one worth waiting for last night. Both teams excel in attack and as the scoreline shows that was exactly what happened. While the game got off to a cagey start Spurs took the lead through Lennon, volleying home from the angle after a looping Modric header. An absolutely unbeleiavble strike from the winger. Lille wasted no time in responding though in the 24th minute. Spurs were able to restore their lead on the stroke of half time when Modric passed into an empty net following a great run and cut back from Adebayor.

Lille meant business at the start of the 2nd half as they once again equalised following a nice move through the middle. The game settled into an even flow of end to end football from here with both teams doing everything except putting the ball in the neck. It was Spurs that got the vital breakthrough though in the 63rd minute after Lennon outpaced the Lille back line and finished well low past the keeper. Lille pressed for another equaliser but were now coming up against a stubborn and well organised Spurs back line. Forced to hit on the counter Spurs were under a lot of pressure but they put the game to bed with only 2 minutes remaining when Adebayor got in on the action. The big striker drilling the ball home after a wonderful turn on the edge of the box. Lennon secured his hatrick in the 90th minute when he finished cutely after good work from Modric on the right wing to cap a fantastic performance.

Great game Trevski mate and the scoreline flattered me with those 2 late goals. Lennon was at his best for me and even with your defenders dealing with him on several occasions he proved too much in the end. All the best with your league campaign mate.

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GrahamDunn 1 - 0 Kiko

Tight game mate and I was lucky to get that goal just before half time!

If you are looking for something/someone else to blame other than the Fifa engine then your brother would be the perfect candidate due to the pre-match advice he was dishing out about your tactics!

Cheers again Keeks...

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:lol: hahaha Good game mate - extremely tight. You took the chance well mate when it came.

Sorry about the incessant moaning! Wanted to rally at the end there rather than fizzle out...and it didn't happen!

Well done bud - best of luck in the final, now excuse me....Im going to go KILLLLL Bleeders!! :twisted:

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Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 3 CSKA Moscow

A tough affair which was slightly soured by the first goal been put away by Doumbia after a Spurs defender took an awful touch. The second goal came just before half time where Honda curled in a left footed beaut from about 20 yards. The third goal came from a penalty and Spurs managed to grab a goal back at 80-something minutes but it was unfortunately too little too late.

Well played mate and cheers for the game :)

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Despite a fair bit of pressure in the 2nd half i just couldn't get back into it. The 1st goal and the penalty were nonsense but its the kind of thing FIFA 12 is capable of throwing into the mix every now and again. Your 2nd goal from Honda was a peach.

All the best in the final mate.

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