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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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been playing with a mate of mine the last couple of nights on a random uk server (135 i think) and this game still is giving plenty of WTF moments. earlier we decided to do a quick hit and run on cherno as we needed some basic supplies (food, water some blood packs etc..) so we split up i hit the fire house to see if i could find some ammo / better weapons and my mate the hospital. so im at the bottom floor just finished picking up things when my mate yells over the headset that he is incoming and bringing a couple of "friends" with him - so i stand at the door ready to shut it as soon as he gets in - what i didnt expect was him to be being chased by 14 z's(from the one i counted there may have been a couple of hoppers behind him) - so i did what any self repecting survivalist would do - i shut the door in his face

can someone send me a pm of new server you guys are playing on

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You've got to be impressed with the server admins on this new server...

I spawned in Electro right next to an unarmed chick running from about half a dozen zombs. I said hi and, only having a hatchet, we danced around for a bit whilst I took them out. (S)he said thanks and we both moved to the power station. There we meet an American with a rifle of some sort who needs a blood transfusion but who has no blood. He says he will run to the hospital to get some, and I say fine we'll wait here. Whilst he's gone I do some snooping around and accidentally fall off the roof ( :facepalm:) breaking my legs. The he-chick finds me and as I'm giving myself some morphin he gives me a blood transfusion. That's odd I thought, why didn't he offer one to the other guy? Anyway then he asks if I can give him one too, he has another blood bag so I take it do so. Again, if he had two why not offer before?

Anyway, the American guy comes running back and as he arrives he gets 1 shotted by a zomb and collapses. I take out the zomb and start bandaging. Whilst doing so this other guy takes his weapon and unloads several rounds into the poor guys face. I'm quite shocked by that and say as much over the mic and start to back off fearing for my own life. "don't run" he says "don't worry I'm not going to kill you, I just don't like Americans". Shocked even more at what spectacular cunt he is I tell him that that's not on and he aims at me and says if I don't like it he'll put a bullet in my face. I pause, and then tell him "fine, see you later" and we part company.

Already over on the forum the shoutbox has the dead guy complaining, and he IDs me and the chick. I say I was helping and luckily he had seen me bandaging him, and saw exactly what happened.

Within a minute or two Rolle has banned the KOS he-chick.

Now that's service!

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Heh, I had the choice of going to Vybor or Pustoschka last night and thought Vybor was a bit too close to NWAF for my liking.

I've found loot generally spawns less on this server, or maybe it gets looted more, or just my perception? I dunno, just the usual places where you can expect find the basics seem to be largely empty. Supermarkets, fire stations, pubs, schools; these places that have half a dozen or more spawn points in one building are just completely empty. I keep thinking maybe it's a local fault to my instance (loot is controlled/spawned by the program running on your machine rather than at server level?), but then I'll come across a house or barn with a Pepsi and some empty cans so something is spawning, just nothing useful.

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I've looted the supermarkets in Vybor,

I've yet to find any loot in any supermarkets (Electro, Cherno, Stary and Pustoschka) on this server...

I've been through the Electro, Berezihno, Vybor and Stary ones and they were all fully looted up. Are you running around at full pelt upright? I find that if you run into an area at full speed you can miss the spawn trigger, I've had loot appear before my eyes quite a few times.

I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that I've seen about 20 alice packs in those supermarkets on my travels :P

I've got my tent set up now, feels like I'm putting down proper roots, and I have a few tents I can check in on for loot. Just need a damn vehicle, where are they all!?

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