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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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Had some more comedy adventures this evening. I set out on my bike , proclaiming I was off to find some more player camps.

I was hoofing it down hill through the trees when i spot a tent and a car.

"Guess what I've only found one already!" I proclaim.

"oh shit there's a guy"

"Oh shit there's two guys!"

lol no time to stop or even really steer I ride right between two guys in ghillie suits with SVD camos.

Then desperately try to zig zag to avoid getting shot, crash into a tree, back up and disappear down the slope.

I do a big loop back to my little camp and come back round on foot to the hill above their camp and shitting myself the whole way creep back down.

Rob another range finder and some camo clothes from their tent jump in their car, all greengreengreen, run over their tent and drive off :)

Quick sever reset and im off to camp spaghetti :)

Enjoy your new car guys try not to fuck this one up!

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Day 40: To add to a pretty complete loadout I now have NVGs, a rangefinder, coyote pack and ghillie suit. Boy is someone going to be happy when they kill me.

Camp spaghetti appears to be in a wildlife park, I've filled all my slots with cooked meat now too :)

I'm kind of afraid of group adventures though, I've seen what you guys get up to.

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Epic journey last night. The early signs were that it was going to go very badly, vey quickly. We pitched out tent in the woods by Berezino and headed in to loot the hospital and supermarket. I aggroed a zombie and decided to lure him into an open house to kill him. Unfortunately by gun shot aggroed every zombie nearby an soon my kill count had gone from 21 to 45 and my blood fell to 6k. Things calmed down and we headed to the hospital and the supermarket, picking up plenty of Meds and food/drink. We aggroed more zombies on our way out and ended up fleeing the city in the opposite direction to our tent.

No matter though, we had everything we needed, I like to think some desperate survivor will stumble across our tent and it will make their day. We were soon on top of a big mountain in kelm, we stopped to eat and drink and continued on our way to the airstrip. It was about ten minutes later that Brad realised he had left his sniper rifle on top of the hill. We would struggle without it as I only had a shottie.

As we pondered life without our sniper rifle we stumble across a crashed chopper, jackpot. I've now got the mother of all sniper rifles and Brad has a semi automatic rifle. We are equipped to take on bandits now.

Our next goal is to find a vehicle, at least that would validate us carrying around three jerry cans for a week.

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I've just read the last couple of pages of this thread, watched the embedded youtube vids etc, and I must say this looks fantastisc.

Is this campaign based at all? What are the goals of the game? In some videos, the players are fighting zombies, in other videos it seems it's a deathmatch game?

What about loging off, do you log on the exact spot you left the game, or is it based around checkpoints\safe zones?

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hey guys could do with some advice incase im doing something wrong - trying to connect to the server you guys are on and it gets to the splash screen with peeps names were you hit ok to connect then it just sits at a black loading screen and nothing happens (its the only server i connect to that does this) i also noticed so this maybe something to do with it that the file that nomallly downloads when you hit ok progress bar is on the screen for a split second were as most other servers in on for a couple of seconds as your saved progress is downloaded - any ideas?

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Get the six updater, run the Six launcher short cut , hit update.

If you can't find the server google the server name and gametracker which should get you the server IP.

Load dayz go to the multiplayer menu, bottom right click "remote" enter the server details.


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Yup, pretty happy about my first ride in a bus, in the goddam driving seat too! :D TOOT TOOT!

It was by a road so I thought it had just spawned there, but then I had a look at the gear and it's got a bunch of supplies on board, suh-weet!

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I've only ever seen them around towns myself. I found a motorbike that was just stood up on the road going into Guglovo from the west. There was a car in Rogovo just off the road which I tried to repair but there were too many zeds around it and it became really hard work.

The bus was parked up by Gvozdno, as I mentioned it looked like it'd just spawned there but turns out someone had left it. It's so weird, it was really exposed and there weren't any zeds in the town, I gave it a going over with the thermal scope, the only possibility I can think of is they went to get a drink in the pond and I turned up at just the right time.

Your other option is to wait until a player has sweated hard to completely repair a vehicle, wait until he gets in, fires it up, and then snipe his skull as the smile grows across his face and his foot presses on the accelerator, just like Strategos did.

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