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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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That's because you were violated.

Entertaining last night, RMG the ghost, murders at the airfield and executions in Cherno.

We successfully took a newbie prisoner, fed him and drained his blood with an IV, before Raane beat him unconscious and we left him lying face down in the grass. "Why are you doing this ?" he kept asking .

The next newbie was bleeding and asking for help, Raane (i think) was trying to bandage him when Danners walked up behind him and shot him in the head execution style. Apparently we didn't have enough bandages to spare.

We also had a bit of a standoff with some guys, we might have killed one or he might have escaped. It's really hard at night to identify each other, and point out where things are. Chaos ensues. Poor Danners trying to explain to me where the bad guys were lol

Rmg became a ghost, some sort of desync issue, but we could still see him and loot him, Danners stole his shoes right off his feet and poor rmg didn't even know it. He relogged and died, came back at Balotta and got shot by an airfield camper. Filled with righteous rage I ran to Balotta to kill the bad guy.

The others started heading that way as well. I arrived at the first police station at the cherno end of the airfield. Saw the doors were shut so decided to check for loot, open the door and the camping bastard is just kneeling inside the door with his gun aimed , waiting for people to come and loot the building. I went down in a hail of M4 fire. As it turns out we both died, the others arrived and scavenged his body and guarded mine until I could return.

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Sorry Sie, cat knocked out the power lead and I couldn't be arsed to bend down under the desk and plug it back in.

Man, I was cracking up listening to you guys on mumble while I was off getting punched, bludgeoned and eaten to death on my own. Highlights included:

Strat: "You're surrounded. Come out with your hands up. Wait, who is that in there..?"

Raane: "Hang on, that's me I think."

And then a random guy actually coming out with his hands up. And then it all going a bit Lord Of The Flies...

Dan: "I want to execute him."

"He's asking for food. He's dying of hunger."

Strat: "I've handcuffed him."

"Let's take his blood!"

Dan: "Let me just shoot him."

"Has anyone got a kit?"


Strat: "I'm taking his blood."

"Woah! What are you doing?!?"

"What happened?"

"Raane just punched him in the head! I think he's dead."

Strat: "I'm taking more blood."

"Me too."

Dan: "I can't believe you called me cruel for wanting to put him out of his misery, and then went and tortured the poor fucker."

A few minutes later...

Random guy: "Excuse me, can you help? I'm bleeding but I don't have any bandages."

Strat: "Sure, hold still. I'll bandage yo... What the..!?!?"

"What happened?"

"Dan walked up and shot him in the head."

"That was brutal."

Dan: "We couldn't spare the bandages."

"Actually, I've got loads of bandages."

"Me too. Too many, in fact."



Dan: "That was a sweet kill."


A few minutes later...

rmg: "I'm unconscious."

"How do we wake him up?"

"We need an epi-pen."

rmg: "Help me."

Dan: "I've got his shoes."

Strat: "I can't get his trousers off."

rmg: "Stop raping me!"

And, of course, the glorious return of Strat's "COMPASS DIRECTION?" fury. :)

Ah, good times.

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Hello All,

Just brought the day z stand alone I never played the mod and so far really enjoying it, loving your stories in this tread.

Sounds like it gets even better playing and coordinating with others, could I join up with you guys?

Mumble details are in the first post of the thread, connect to that and say hello, find out which server we're on and join the fun. Also we have the forum rmg link too above if you want to drop in there.

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I'm having a little trouble with this.

First of, not long after starting I will be stuck in walk mode. Hold shift won't make me run or double shift. My only options are sprint or walk. I had a look at the controls and I don't see any other options to toggle walk.

The other is I seem to constantly have this red icon on my screen which I assume is my connection but my connection has been good.

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The goodwill is rapidly eroding in SA :quote:

Yeah. Last night I logged in as a fresh spawn. Ran 100m. Got killed by a guy with an axe.

Respawned. Ran 500m. Saw a fellow fresh spawn. She got her fists up. I ignored her and carried on running. She chased me. I was telling her how pointless this is, but eventually got bored and turned to fight. I got KO'd in one punch. By a girl :(

Completely pointless.

The best idea seems to be to head straight inland to the shitty towns you'd never bother to visit in the mod, as they're actually good, quiet places to stock up on the basics.

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So I decided to run to electro. found a new spawn offered him a drink he said " kill me" so I did.

I found another that just follwed me around being annoying. I offered him a drink, he declined, I tried to lose him and he ran right at me so I shot him, used a whole clip of M4 rounds on him as he ran towards me , nothing happened, he punched me once and I was unconscious.


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I picked this up yesterday, very impressive graphics on full detail. The feeling thirsty thing is bang on, the only time I haven't been thirsty is when I found a small marsh and kept banging the middle mouse over and over, cans don't seem to do much.

Is there some sort of trick to combat? I have found an axe, baseball bat and knife and when I find a zombie or they find me I just strafe round them in circles attacking, seemingly never getting hit then the next thing I know I am bleeding, I havn't found a single bandage or first aid kit yet and then I slowly die. Guess it's better just to run.

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If you find a well or clean looking pond just spam drink 20 - 30 times until it says toy feel full and the water thing wont bother you for a while.

Axe seems better than bat and certainly better than the knife.

Bandages seem rare but take off and rip up your shirt and you can use that,

Is it just me or is the player in this a really good voice actor?


We have to find him!

Im still laughing about Mullo and that can of tuna last night!

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I rip up every shirt/hoody/jacket I come across that I'm not going to use. I always have a couple of stacks of bandages.

For weapons, I think at the moment the axe is king with all of the other melee weapons being pretty similar to using your fists.

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I am getting into this now. I have travelled quite a distance and got a machine gun and several melee weapons. How do I stop my screen being black and white though? I was injured and made bandages to fix myself up, ate food and drank water and dont have any status against me in the inventory screen but still annoyingly black and white screen, maybe bugged?

Also I hear people saying you need to sleep, I see loads of beds but never see an option.

One fun thing so far was that I went unconcious then ALT+Tabbed out of the game and all of a sudden I hear these 2 guys with swedish accents talking about stealing my bags :)

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Black and white vision means low blood. Eat and drink as much as you can and your blood will regenerate over time.

My favourite bug so far today was anything I moved from inventory to vicinity vanished. It reminded me of the early days of the mod where trying to move inventory in and out of the backpack was always a gamble. So many good weapons lost to that bug...

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