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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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Gerbik, join us on mumble! It will totally transform day z for you.

We already have a few northerners so we are used to funny accents.

My accent is so bad, it's not funny anymore. I'm not even kidding. But seriously, using a mic for me is not an option - small house combined with not being single and usually only having time during the evening etc. Thanks for the offer though :)

Which reminds me, I have a silly question - since I can only play DayZ in the evening, will I never get to see what it looks like during daytime?

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The main issue with the Zombies is one hit could give you a disease or something , so getting into a scrap with one is quite tense. I actually quite like it with less of them.

I took a run up north, things have changed up there! Currently wondering the wilderness wondering if my supplies will hold out.

Also bumped into a fully tooled up guy right up north, I tried to talk to him (and type) but there was no reply (2nd time im not sure if direct chat is working) and he looked like he was coming in for the kill. Took him out. But his body disappeared? Combat log? Or bug ?

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Also, someone posted some control change tips over at Reddit that I decided to try out and they really do help quite a bit.

In controls, map "Go Prone" to Z (instead of "Prone"), map "Turbo" to SHIFT (hold it to sprint full pelt when standing up), map "Walk" to CTRL (so you can still...well, walk).

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