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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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Your stream is stuttering quite a bit, long pauses all the time.

Just switched over to Sacriel's stream, at the barracks getting fully loaded 'Living the Dream!' He cries, shortly before one of the three people on he whole server that he's not playing with guns him down :)

I've since lowered the bitrate to make it smoother for you.

Also, there is a tip thread over at Reddit. Here's the link -http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1t23cw/dayz_tip_thread/

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Just had a quick go where I spawned on the beach, headed inland until I came across some sort of military complex with a barracks, hospital and other 5 story building. Got myself a 35 slot bag, an m4 gun and loads of med supplies. Got the the roof of the hospital and heard someone talking. Activated the climb down action on a ladder and then the next thing I know I've seemingly jumped off the roof to my death.

Despite being dead I can actually still hear the people near me talking.


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I was just reading that loot only spawns on the restart. Is that what you found? I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand it could end up being a dirty NWA camp-fest at restart. But on the other hand I love the idea of stuff being actually really fucking scarce, and it being really difficult to survive.

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Are you sure you didn't load up the mod by mistake..? :)

Ha, if only that wasn't almost the truth. Unfortunately that is still the state of things. They're expecting another year of development before beta release.

I'm approaching it fully aware of what alpha is so I'm not complaining about missing features or bugs, I'm just disappointed that it's not further along.

But that's not going to stop me playing it, of course.

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Me and Strat spent lunch time getting geared up at the NW Airfield. Both of us now have m4's with scopes and bayonets, gas masks, ballistic helmets, camo jackets (8 sots), camo belt things that go over the jackets (8 slots), compasses, 35 slot bags and loads of other stuff.

Strat also saved me when I fell unconscious :wub:

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I look forward to you losing it all this evening to some incidental bug :)

And this is why the original buzz is never going to come back. A few hours after launch and you're already up at the NWAF tooled up to the teeth.

Compared to the mod we have pretty much nothing!

Ammo is fairly sparse and once there are more zombies it's going to be a lot trickier.

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I guess. The game was never about that for me though, I'd go play COD if I just wanted to shoot people.

Yeah, same here. Its why i got bored of the mod pretty fast. It went from scavenging for survival, praising god when you found even the crappiest weapon, and the extreme tension caused whenever you met another player wondering whether they were gonna try and kill you or team up with you, to people riding around in troop carriers armed to the fucking teeth turning the map into TDM. I really miss when the game was new and noone really knew what was going on, and people didnt automatically shoot on sight. Ill try this at some stage, but not until its much cheaper

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I'm never going to properly play this, you know all social like, but I sort of like the idea of trying to survive on my own. First blood in the woods style or something along those lines. I have no idea what I'm doing so far. I'm looting whatever I find, but I ain't got no weapon yet. I did find a compass and a nifty helmet though. And I spotted a flashlight way in the distance, so I creeped up on that poor bastard and started beating him. He tried to run away, but I wouldn't let him go. Every time he turned around I was there, punching him in his face. In the end he decided to go for broke and started hitting me back! Anyway, it took almost a minute of drunkenly boxing before he finally went down. I had no idea whether he was 'dead' or 'unconscious', so once I managed to open up his inventory I quickly grabbed his flashlight and his shades and ran away. Afterwards I felt bad about it, so I decided to sort of confess in this thread about my first DayZ SA experience. I have no idea what I'm doing. I also found a rotten banana, I dare not eat it.

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Seriously though, was that guy I punched unconscious or dead? Or am I thinking too much in terms of RPGs that make a distinction between stamina damage and health damage?

We're streaming again!


Once I'm done with the Divinity and Wasteland alphas and I begin to understand what the hell I'm doing in DayZ, I'm going to try and track you all down and murder at least one of you :D


(in the game of course)

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After all the complains about hunger/thirst warnings, i have been testing it and came to interesting results.

Following is not confirmed information, just my understanding of how this system works.

Players spawn relatively hungry and thirsty. For example, lets say players start at 30% food/drink.

First warning message pops when your food or drink level drops to ~20%.

Most important one! That green message saying "your thirst/hunger is quenched", shows when players food/drink level gets just above critical value. So when you get this message, in reality, you are only on ~25% of your total "stomach capacity".

If you keep drinking and eating after you get the "your thirst/hunger is quenched" message, you can still consume a lot, until you get another green message "Your stomach is full", "You feel well-fed" or similiar. That means you are at 100% of food capacity and you start to regenerate blood/heal.Once you reach this, you also have a LOT of time when you dont have to deal with food/drink and no messages pop up for at least 1,5 hours.

So, what conclusion this leads to?

Players that experience constant message spam never really eat or drink to full. They just hover between 20-30%, never actually begin regenerating and end up falling unconscious for no apparent reason.


Sounds about right?

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That's on the open test build rather than the stable build we have been playing isn't it?

Right click on day z in your library, go to properties and then opt in via the betas tab.

I believe you get a different character for that. Might be worth us getting involved with that?

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