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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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Your stream is stuttering quite a bit, long pauses all the time.

Just switched over to Sacriel's stream, at the barracks getting fully loaded 'Living the Dream!' He cries, shortly before one of the three people on he whole server that he's not playing with guns him down :)

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Brilliant. A few things not working - loot and zombie respawns, waking up from unconscious.

Hard to understand text based feedback system frustrated me and the food and drink may have been sating their opposite.

Beginner guide:

Click internet on the top right to get it to find servers,

TAB opens inventory, drag your battery to your torch and your torch to your hotbar.

Out of inventory press the button for your torch, then you can press spacebar to bring up the item in your hand, then scroll the mousewheel and turn on torch.

Also, if you are faced with the undead - put away your torch with the same key, press spacebar to bring up the dukes and give johnny G a haymaker right in the chops. He should go down after a hit or two to the head then pummel him on the floor with a few more of your finest jabs.

This also works with players, hit them, open their inventory, steal their weapon and then kill them with it.

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