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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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I've been reading the Jack Reacher novels and there's a bit on one of them where he has an M16, and kills someone whose got a better gun with more bullets but he keeps the M16 because, from the shot he fired he knows it works and is accurate.

Stuff like that is what I want from DayZ, the unknown.

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That video was awesome. So many classic memories. The times when I'd not enter a town because of too many zombies around and the fact that once they started chasing you, they never stopped. Having to be forced to work as a team because there was no other way. The zombies would win if you didn't. The sense of discovery too, not, running over the known loot spawns, but finding somewhere new.

I had probably the worst weekend on DayZ, I got killed more than all previous times put together. Everyone shot on sight, no one even attempted to establish if I was friendly. The few times I tried resulting in silence followed by a gun shot to my head.

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  • * [NEW] - Removed annoying "re-arm" option from actions menu.
  • * [NEW] - Models and textures for mutton.
  • * [NEW] - Separate meat for goats, same blood regen as mutton.
  • * [NEW] - Can now combine magazines.
  • * [NEW] - Added new loot & loot table for church.
  • * [NEW] - Added new food and drink items (only found in supermarkets).
  • * [NEW] - Added model for a dropped map and watch.
  • * [NEW] - Weapon MakarovSD (Military and Military Special).
  • * [NEW] - Weapon RPK_74 (Mi8 Helicrash).
  • * [NEW] - Vehicle damage displayed in percent (With a Toolbox).
  • * [NEW] - 5L Fuel can takes 1 inv slot.
  • * [NEW] - Added auth retry system to make sure clients are auth'ed before they spawn (should stop seagull issue).
  • * [NEW] - Added force end mission for players joining with wrong version/failed auth. (Will replace timeout later).
  • * [NEW] - Mi8 crash site model.
  • * [NEW] - 2 New background tracks.
  • * [NEW] - 6 New "Viral" zeds - They are harder to kill, they do more damage, and they have a higher chance of causing an infection... be afraid. (Headshot will kill in one shot)
  • * [NEW] - Added optional watermark for servername (Server admins can choose to enable/disable. (See Mission prerequisites)). Shows servername in the bottom right of screen max 6 letters.
  • * [NEW] - "Sleep" at tents changed to "Rest".
  • * [NEW] - Remote exec security. Should prevent all major RE exploits
  • * [NEW] - Clear Ground around loot at crash sites added but disabled by default, server admins can enable. Adds a small circle around each loot pile http://i.imgur.com/uVDfGym.jpg
  • * [NEW] - Vehicles and tents now report free gear slots. Example: Old Camping Tent (weapons/others/backpacks).http://ziellos2k.net...17141327522.png
  • * [NEW] - Weapons spawns now have a chance to spawn with 0 mags up to a max of 2.
  • * [NEW] - Melee weapons can now be dropped and picked up using the normal a2 system. (This means you can now store in backpack and tents, without swapping to toolbelt) No need to take itemslots.
  • * [NEW] - New starting gear added. Guaranteed Start Items: ("ItemBandage","HandRoadFlare") + 1 RandomStartItem: ("ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller").
  • ??????????????????????????* [NEW] - Servers date has been locked to give full moon nights.
  • * [NEW] - Zeds hitting through Walls/Buildings should now be fixed.
  • * [NEW] - Mainmenu Intro.
  • * [NEW] - 2 new stash sites. (tools required = Etool or Shovel. Items required = 1 sandbog for small, 2 sandbags for medium)
  • Small Stash = 12 object slots, 0 Weapon, 0 bags. http://i.imgur.com/b9cRA2i.jpg
  • Medium Stash = 25 object slots, 1 Weapon, 0 bags. http://i.imgur.com/FkHR6xX.jpg
  • * [NEW] - Infected survivor camps. Three types (small).
  • * [NEW] - FPS Monitor this will dynamicly change how/total amount of zeds/loot/trash is spawning to keep the players base fps up.
  • * [NEW] - 1 New Melee weapon (Baseball Bat). http://i.imgur.com/ttWt4PJ.jpg
  • * [NEW] - Wild Spawning of zeds has been redone and readded.
  • * [NEW] - Zed Spawning fully updated to spawn outside the players field of view. (Excludes Infected camps, due to trigger zones being tested).
  • * [NEW] - Zeds can now tackle players to the ground when attacked.
  • * [NEW] - Epeen UI has now been updated and renamed journal.
  • * [NEW] - Blood from food and transfusions will now generate over time (no longer instant).
  • * [NEW] - All food types now have a diminishing effect so the more you try and eat at once, the less blood you will get in return.
  • * [NEW] - Blood UI updated to indicate the player's blood loss / gain rate and will also indicate when you're sick (infected).
  • * [NEW] - Bloodbags will no longer transfer 12000 blood instantly, it's now done over 12 seconds (1000 blood per second). If the medic breaks away from the transfusion animation or the recipient moves out of range, the transfer stops and the remaining amount is lost along with the bloodbag in use.
  • * [FIXED] - Vehicle repair should now work correctly.
  • * [FIXED] - Humanity skin change can now change during gameplay in all directions. (No longer have to die/logout to change from hero to normal to bandit and vice versa)
  • * [FIXED] - StudyBody should now work. (Describing wounds accurately)
  • * [FIXED] - Crashsite loot should now spawn correctly for all types of Crash model.
  • * [FIXED] - Hero Skin teleport issue.
  • * [FIXED] - BAF Bags so they don't set on fire. :-) (no moaning it was a bug)
  • * [FIXED] - Updated timeout timer from 40 secs to 60 secs, Should allow lower end systems to keep up. (Something went wrong, please disconnect and try again!)
  • * [FIXED] - Zeds spawning underground.
  • * [FIXED] - Loot spawning underground.
  • * [FIXED] - Melee weapons having no ammo on login/skin change. (Open close gear menu will always reset ammo count to 10000)
  • * [FIXED] - Loot Spawns have now been fully resolved. Buildings are now tagged and will not spawn any new loot for 15 minutes.
  • * [FIXED] - Loot Cleanup has now been fully resolved. Old loot piles will now be cleaned every 60 minutes and no players within 250 meters(WIP). (Server performance boost)
  • * [FIXED] - Gear menu exploit to force respawn.
  • * [FIXED] - Optimized some destruction effects for security and performance.
  • * [FIXED] - Unconscious damage scale to only happen if hit by zeds. (reduces damage while unconscious)
  • * [FIXED] - Dayz Date/Time public var will now end mission on failed attempt.
  • * [FIXED] - Can no longer break legs by anything other than players/zeds/falling/getting out of moving vehicle.
  • * [FIXED] - A lot of dupeing issues should now be resolved.
  • * [FIXED] - Most wallhack exploits should now be resolved.
  • * [uPDATED] - Zed sight limited to 100 meters.
  • * [uPDATED] - Updated rabbit to drop 2 raw food items. Lowered hp gain to Raw - 200 each / Cooked - 1000 each.
  • * [uPDATED] - Updated chicken - hp gain. Raw - 200 each / Cooked - 1000 each.
  • * [uPDATED] - Moved anti teleport system to mission. Server admins can choose to enable/disable. (See prerequisites)
  • * [uPDATED] - ALL loot table weights have been updated.
  • * [uPDATED] - ALL loot table weights have been rebalanced.
  • * [uPDATED] - Updated Czech, German, Spanish, French and Russian stringtable.
  • * [uPDATED] - Mac and 1911 Pistol dmg updated.
  • * [uPDATED] - CrashSite Loot should now represent each type of model more. (("MilitaryWEST","HeliCrashWEST") Two new crash site loot tables)
  • * [uPDATED] - Re-added the "save" option to tents and vehicles. This is a fail-safe option, not required. (Due to a small amount of servers reporting issues with tents saving. With no info for us to recreate we re-added this option to save tents/vehicles)
  • * [uPDATED] - Zed generate system. has now been fully rewrote should stop zeds spawning in view of players then being deleted.
  • * [uPDATED] - Zeds overall dmg has been updated per hit/per zed (Old Type: Max possible dmg = body 600, Legs 100, Hands 50, Head 1200 New Type: Body 1200, Head 2400)
  • * [uPDATED] - Bleed from zed attacks will now only happen if the initial dmg is above 0.7 or the zed gives a head shot. (should reduce the amount of bandages needed)
  • * [uPDATED] - Zeds knocking players unconscious now has a 50/50 chance if damage multiplier is above > 0.8
  • * [uPDATED] - When unconscious all damage is reduced to 50 blood for each hit zeds do no matter the part they hit. (Should allow some survivability)
  • * [uPDATED] - Zeds sight and sound chance has been re-added so there is a chance they can ignore you.
  • * [uPDATED] - Sight and sound rebalanced to make them a little more even from movement.
  • * [uPDATED] - Call extension calls for vehicle damage.
  • * [uPDATED] - Zeds will no longer spawn for air vehicles.
  • * [uPDATED] - Hunters loot table adjusted with more weapons.
  • * [uPDATED] - SQL files working on Linux.
  • * [uPDATED] - Add crawl animation damage. Players will now take dmg from crawling zeds.
  • * [uPDATED] - Updated zed speed to default.
  • * [uPDATED] - Melee systems updated.
  • * [uPDATED] - Old Bandit skin for male characters.
  • * [uPDATED] - Lowered action sound for refuel from 10 meters to 5.
  • * [uPDATED] - Lowered Direct comms action sound.
  • * [uPDATED] - Vehicle damage syncs updated to reduce call extension spam.
  • * [uPDATED] - Lowered Transfusion infection rate.
  • * [uPDATED] - Quiver acts as a quiver, you now have to take an arrow out of the quiver.
  • * [uPDATED] - You can now only have 1 useable quiver in your main inventory and unlimited in your backpack.
  • * [uPDATED] - Melee range has been updated.
  • * [uPDATED] - HMMWV Cargo updated. (10 weapons, 50 slots and 2 backpack)
  • * [uPDATED] - AH6 & MH6 Cargo updated. (AH6 3 weapons, 30 slots and 2 backpacks) (MH6J 3 weapons, 20 slots and 3 backpacks)
  • * [uPDATED] - Fire Places will no longer act as storage systems.
  • * [uPDATED] - Fireplace can now only be lit once without adding new wood inside the fireplace.
  • * [uPDATED] - Fireplace can no longer be picked up after lighting.
  • * [uPDATED] - Vehicles speeds HMMWV, PBX and UAZ - Faster / ATV's - Slower
  • * [uPDATED] - Tanktraps, sandbags and razor-wires won't spawn in buildings. Tents will always spawn in a safe place.
  • * [uPDATED] - Up to +/-2000 Humanity gain/loss according to "humanKills" counter from killed character.
  • * [uPDATED] - Refuel now locks the player in place for the time to fill.
  • * [uPDATED] - More lootable buildings (Iron barn, car wrecks, several non enterable buildings...)
  • * [uPDATED] - 2 Chopper crash sites spawn on server start + 2-3 infected Camps.
  • * [uPDATED] - Sickness(Infection) can now cause death.

* [REMOVED] - M107 and AS50(Banned) from all loot tables and removed all damage from bullets so they do 0 damage even if spawned in.

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The thing that most interests me is the item damage from shooting someone. It won't eliminate shoot on sight (after all a clean headshot isn't going to damage what's in their jacket pockets) but it should at least sway the gameplay back towards more player interaction.

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I've finally got a PC which can play this however the only player interaction I've had has been while on the end of a player killing me from cover while I try and loose the agro from all the servers zombies. I've seen two player bodies and been swamped with zombies each time.

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Apparently it has now been removed from the SteamDB but the same thing happened with Space Engineers which then came out on that day as well as similar things happening with Pay Day 2.

So we might all be playing it in an hour. Can you actually imagine!?

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Anyone else have a really bad gut feeling this is gonna be a whole of waiting for an almighty disappointment? I've personally seen nothing of standalone so far that has me convinced they can pull off overcoming the crippling limitations of the engine its running on.

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If they released similar videos to hype up the original mod then I reckon it would have looked loads worse. It was the player created videos that made it look amazing.

As long as I get to sit in the same bush as Strategos I'll be happy.

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So we might all be playing it in an hour. Can you actually imagine!?

Best case scenario: in an hour we'll all be on mumble saying "my download is going at 17kb/s" and "really? mine is 0.7kb/s" and "mine just crashed again".

However, that's not stopping me from leaving work immediately to go home and excitedly stare at twitter and steam until my eyes bleed.

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