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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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I think both 'factory' areas can be hot spots but yeah i think its mainly the walled off one Fox mentions.

I've never actually been into the factory at Solinichniy, not really sure whats there but iirc there's 3 barns close by that could be good areas for mistakes to happen as they have good fresh spawn loots.

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fatcory has an old EMS camp in it.

Crazy days Dayz today (as im now unemployed lol).

Got picked up by a guy in a heli, he gave me NVG, then left me alone to gaurd his heli! When he logged back in he had connection problems so i had to try and fly it to his clan mate. But it had some damage and kept spinning in the air. JUST managed to land it, but ended up getting shot and killed and a guy stole the chopper.

Turns out the clan had ANOTHER chopper and they picked me up again to hunt for the stolen one which we found straight away, repaired it and flew off, the crazy pilot doing double loops and flying insanely close to the ground.

Ended up parachuting out over the AF, was aces.

A guy needed help in the barracks so I gave him medical aid. Ran out of the airfield and found a crashed chopper. Went to loot it and got one shotted by matrix zombie. Unconscious bleeding and getting eaten I come round, mow down 10 Z's with my AK, then more come form the airfield. Get them as well and manage to bandage with 1000 health left.

Ended up meeting up with Cheeko and getting a Transfusion.,


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It's funny in this game how you see the most random things happening but when something happens to yourself you get suspicious.

I was in a woods north of Gvozdno when I heard a player approaching on a vehicle. Turned out to be an ATV and he was driving around and stopping, as if searching for something. I got excited that he might lead me to a camp when I spot the ATV in a tree and he's nowhere to be seen. So I run over and speed off on his vehicle :D I can just imagine someone needing 2 mins to go make a phonecall, logging back in and calling bullshit on the game for the vehicle disappearing.

I managed to find my scrambler and it needed a wheel, so I found a nice spot to leave the ATV, go fix the scrambler and pick up Strat. Not long afterwards I return to the location of the ATV and find it has gone :( Must be cheating admins!


I am gutted it went though.

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These alternative maps turn up and people get themselves all in a frenzy because it has more buildings, more loot, vehicles etc but I find all these alternatives to just not be as well designed as chernarus. It takes real skill to make a landscape you can feel familiar with and start to recognise, but these other places are really disjointed and reuse assets in a way that you can't distinguish one place from the next.

There's also the problem that the Arma2 engine just doesn't handle players and buildings well, I imagine it to be a world of random broken bones and straight, flat streets for combat. Arma 2 suits woodland and rolling landscapes, natural tactical areas.

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Cherno and Elektro are shit cities for a zombie apocalypse though, they're great for the current pvp that DayZ is, but Berenzino the only really interesting town in the game because it's split over those three teirs. Personally I'd LOVE some proper all out high zombie number warfare. Admiteddly if they can only churn out as many Zeds in an area as the can in Elektro it'll be gash as well.

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My tent has gone from the current campsite so have left the other tents alone. Nothing particularly exotic in them at the moment so no big loss, just need to find a more secure location tho i'm not sure much will top the current locations ambience!

Out little path of fire from the other night


Also had a trip to the Trading Post thats just opened on top of Klen, bigger than i expected (spoilered for size)


Entrance up the dirt track.


Inner compund to the east.


Vehicle repair bay (tho not sure what supplies are there, maybe just a glorified car park



Market place, none of which is lootable, heh.

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Strat and I were on, I'd just finished fixing up an ATV and, after a painful few minutes of trying to get it off a bridge with it glitching and bouncing around we were off, shortly before a server reset, yes!

Back in after the reset we head east, find a crashed chopper and there's not much there other than medical supplies and a FAL(as usual).

Then Strat gets a call and has to go, I head on further East and something comes up and I'm going to have to log off as well, whilst I'm searching for a spot to stash the ATV I hear the chopper. I wander over to investigate and unsurprisingly find it at a crash site, I wait for them to fly off to see what's there and I spy some dead bodies, excited at the prospect of loot harvesting I run in, check the chopper(not much or worth) then start on the bodies when a truck turns up full of players. I sprint it into the trees and am getting maximum pressure to log off when the truck drives right up to the tree I'm in. Disconnect.

No mention of combat logging though on the shoutbox luckily.

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After an initially exciting start just after a server reset we find a crashed chopper, Strat is prepping to loot and the server crashes :(

Then we get back in and the DayZ roller coaster starts. We find possibly the best crashed chopper we've ever seen, two Mk.24s an SVD druganov camo, two silenced M9s and night vision goggles! We head north to setup a camp to store our finds when I get one shooted by a zombie and completely overwhelmed, death.

Strat kindly stashes all my stuff apart from a backpack, meet up and are travelling about and find a motorbike, stash it as it needs a wheel and I go look for that whilst Strat finds a tent location. Whilst I'm wheel searching I come across about 5 players, seemingly in two clans, in the middle I find a dead body with an Alice pack, dmr and all the bits.

I load up at the new base and we set off for airfield adventures, after bottling it and failing to rob a player the way we always do we head back to camp to quietly log out. Strat decides to put the M9 magazine in the tent surrounded by zombies and in my efforts to get near it I decided to try and shake some Zeds by running through a gateway. Unfortunately Mammas Boy is approaching from the other direction and we collide, resulting in me on the floor, unconscious, bleeding badly and being fed on. Gunfire erupts and it's all in vain, they manage to bandage me but when I regain consciousness I'm taking a beating and die, once again, at the hands of the infected.

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Unfortunately Mammas Boy is approaching from the other direction and we collide, resulting in me on the floor, unconscious, bleeding badly and being fed on.

Haha! Meanwhile, I'm at the trading post, the one safe zone on the map, chucking flares around at people's request as it's dark. Then I went and sat by a fire as it was raining and I needed to keep warm. A minute later, I spotted a guy trying to go through my backpack. I jumped up, told him to fuck off, and went to aim my gun at him. The aim button did nothing. Usually, when the aim button does nothing, I click the fire button and this brings my weapon up. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten to get out of 'chucking flares around' mode'. Even more unfortunately, I'd run out of flares, but had a grenade. This resulted in me accidentally blowing up myself and the other chief.

Still, the server admin guy was 30 feet away by his SUV, so it could have been much worse. :facepalm:

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Incredible wheel boy, and kindness does pay!

I was making my way along the coast road to meet up with Marnchair, zeds that have been spawned by players keep running in front of the bike and damaging it and it seems whatever I do they read my mind, the front wheel ends up busted on the motorbike(as always) and I can only do about 10mph :(

Ahead of me I see more zeds and a newly spawned player running amongst them 'Can I have a lift mate!' he asks, I say yes but point out the bike is screwed and I can't go fast enough to get away from the infected attackers. I told him we'd spent 2 days looking for wheels and have hardly found any so I'm considering dumping the bike. He says he's seen a wheel and can go get one. I drop him back and he duly fetches it and sticks it on the bike, the bike now has two wrecked wheels unfortunately and we're still screwed :(

So I stash it in a bush and all but give up on it when he runs into the first shed he sees and finds another with scrap metal! Amazing!

So off we go, I drop him off at Cherno, he's delighted and says thanks as normally no one gives lifts, I'm delighted as the damn guy fixed up my bike for me, yes!

I then have to log out so I handed it over to Marnchair.

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After our attempt at a roadside ambush saw a jeep, a range rover, a motorbike and a lone man on foot go straight past us unchallenged ( :facepalm: ), Strat logged out and me and Sponge began to starve to death. We looked in the nearby town, where Sponge got knocked out by a zombie in a building. I ran in to rescue him with my Mk 48 light machinegun, which attracted every zombie in a billion-mile radius. See image.

Mercifully we made it out and to Prud, where we killed a pig and a goat. Then I had to log out.

Strat, we also found another wire-fence kit in the town. :facepalm:


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