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Day Z, The Road with Zombies

James Ape

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I got murdered on my bike after some bad dudes held me up and I refused to stop. One of them had an ATV and rammed me until my bike died at which point they shot me up. I rage quit and came back a bit later where I teamed up with a nice dude with a shotgun to get back to my body. He gave me an M1911 too.

DayZ giveth and DayZ taketh away.

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God fucking damnit. I installed the SSD this weekend, did all the various tweaks I could find and logged off last night with an improved FPS of around 30.

I log in today and get an unplayable 10fps. WTF?

Just to conclude this, after the server restart I was up to 50fps, before settling down to 30 after 5 minutes or so. So it seems entirely server related.

Stupid server.

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Last night was pretty fantastic. I was running from the NE airfield towards our camp and ran right into a big enemy camp with tents, a bus and a chopper. There were 4-5 guys all talking on direct chat in what I think was Swedish. I hit the deck and edged behind some trees and stayed, afraid to move, for 10 minutes or more. They seemed to be loading or unloading the tents and were too preoccupied to see me.

Meanwhile MB and the rest of Clusterfuck had mobilised to assault the base and were making their way north from camp. I plucked up the courage to crawl away from the camp and found a tree further away to hide under. The enemy chopper took off and flew around a few times, never spotting me, before it eventually flew off. I then worked my my way over to another set of trees to get a better vantage point but got my head caught in a bear trap set by the crafty swedes. I would have survived but I got the annoying bug where I kept running forward and so was unable to bandage myself. I logged off and came back, but I had the penalty timer and ignominiously bled out.

I respawned near Cherno and went straight in to the shop and fire station to get kitted out. I met a friendly dude in the church who gave me some M1911 ammo before striking out north. I ran for a long time, during which I was listening to events unfold over mumble. TC reached the enemy camp but by the sounds of it were a bit too hesitant and the remaining swedes escaped in the bus. MB and co caught up with them near Krasnostav and boldly went in for the stick up. Cue a big firefight with two TC deaths to all four of the Swedes. Another of ours was killed in short order by a Swede with an AS50 who we presume logged and came back on.

I arrived at Krasno in the pitch darkness with MB hiding in his own body (lol) and another TC member also pinned down. MB gave me an accurate location on the remaining baddy and I flanked round the west of the town before making my way slowly through the forest to the north toward his location. I nearly went right past him, but his white bandit headscarf gave him away in the darkness and I emptied my AK into his face from a few feet away. Victory Team Clusterfuck!

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The score was 4:3 to us because i died aswell as Fox and Mammas_Boy.

My body had gone by the time i'd run back and since i only had a shotgun i looted your body Fox, tho whatever gun you'd had, had been replaced with an Enfield. Not sure what happened to me, i made a run for the chopper when the one of their guys got in the bus, i was in the pilots seat trying to get it going when i died and 'fell' out of it.

Shame that we couldn't get any of the vehicles up and running but at least we held the field and had a 'victory' with no friendly fire! ;)

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It wasn't the most well-oiled operation, but it was fun. They were out in the open with the bus and heli. There were only two of them at the vehicles, so me and MB charged in while the others took covering positions. It looked pretty funny, with MB telling them to leave the vehicles and them shouting back in high-pitched Swedish. Especially because we had to constantly run around to avoid the million zombies we'd aggroed. MB gave them 10 seconds to leave and when they didn't we opened fire. Unfortunately I was in 3rd person view and so hadn't noticed I'd needed painkillers until I'd brought my gun up. I got off a few shaky M14 shots before being insta-killed by their snipers, along with MB. Sounds like the rest of team clusterfuck managed to finish everyone off though. Nice work.

I respawned by Elektro and grabbed some bits and bobs, but then had to log out.

I'm liking this server. Other than losing the M14 I don't even mind when I die, as it's usually in a fun way like this rather than by getting shot on sight for no reason.

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Cheeko was out hunting for parts, i went to Berizino to look for some as well.

We ended up with some goodies.

On the way back Cheeko saw some people drive past into *****, so I started heading back.

Cheeko found an abandoned UAZ which we started repairing, then we heard noise from up by the town so moved up to secure the assets.

Up near the Barn Cheeko took fire so we both flanked left and right.

I saw a guy running into the barns with a CZ550, cheeko took him out from range with his DMR. I pushed up to the barns and ran out into the open to check the body, then i hear 50 cal fire . Meanwhile a zombro breaks my legs and i start getting mauled. Cheeko find their working UAZ and steals it. I take out the shooter and finish off the Z's. Then the UAZ takes fire from further down the treeline, I crawl into the road and take out the shooter, crawl into the trees and morphine up.

3 kills no casualties and a UAZ!

We put our scrap metal and main rotor assembly and some loot into the UAZ and head off to hide it and log.

Cheeko goes and I park in a tree....

And the fucking UAZ blows up :(

The enginewas red before i guess one tap was enough.

I manage to bandage after regaining conciousness before I bleed out but we lost the car and the parts :(

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I actually got to fire a sniper rifle in anger, my first proper DayZ killing, sweetness.

So typical, never find vehicles on this map, jump on for an hour this morning and see a bicycle, 4 tent player camp, 2 tent player camp, 2 UAZs, a half truck, bus and helicopter!

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Ok I think a mate of mine has come across the first serial killer in this game on the server. He was north of electro in one of the forests when he started to hear noises at first he thought it was maybe a z that had followed another player this far in, but out of the tree's steps another person with an axe who proceeds to make the Kaa Kaa Kaa Friday the 13th noise and starts walking towards my mate. Unfortunately my mate has run out of ammo, so spends the next 15 mins being chased by the axe wielding person all the time while make the Kaa Kaa Kaa noise over voice chat. He manged in the end to hide from him. But he did say it was the best 15 minutes he has played in ages!

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Last night I was guarding Plums body and there were loads of people around. I ended up stopping a couple of people loting it, then helping out a guy called zombie medic. Ast that moment a bus came up the road, we ran towards it with a trail of Z's and they stopped, we both started ordering ice creams.

We could hear the passengers freaking out "what's going on!" "Get us out of here!" and they drove off in a panic.

Simple things lol

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I spent far too much time on teamspeak with crazy Swedes last night. After they KoSed me I demanded they give me a lift back to Berezino. They complied (in their awesome orange troop truck) but I had to put up with them for about half an hour on teamspeak. I swear a couple of them were actually on high grade amphetamines.

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