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Remember Leisure Suit Larry? He's Back...

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In kickstarter form


So why are we jumping on the Kickstarter bandwagon with LEISURE SUIT LARRY IN THE LAND OF THE LOUNGE LIZARDS?

It’s simple. We love Larry…Larry Laffer. We were there when he was born, in 1987. We were there for his last adventure, LOVE FOR SAIL, almost exactly 10 years later.

And we’ve long wished for a version that would combine the characters and game play we already love with:

The freedom to play on mobile devices

A modern point-and-click/touchscreen interface

Updated, ultra-high res graphics

Fully voiced characters

Even more of the humor that’s made Al Lowe a household name…like “Borders” and “Enron”!

So we’re making it. From scratch. And we want YOUR help.

Do you remember Lefty's Bar from the original? Did you know it's famous?

We've already accomplished two of the hardest tasks:

Prying the Leisure Suit Larry license out of the hands of Big Software. DONE!

Convincing Al Lowe himself to come out of retirement for this top-to-bottom re-imagining of his 25-year-old creation. DONE!

What’s in it for you? That depends on what you pledge in Larry’s Kickstarter campaign!

Take a look at the list of rewards we’re giving to Larry’s supporters. They include everything from a copy of the game to actually being PART OF the game – as a character! -- to actually going to Las Vegas with your very own private limo and villa on top of the world's coolest hotels with Al Lowe and writer Josh Mandel!

Those rewards are cumulative. Pledge at the $100 level, for instance, and you’ll not only get the $100 reward, you’ll also get the rewards given for $50, $25, and $15 pledges. So your sack of goodies can fill up VERY quickly.

Now, these rewards have never been available before, and will never be available again. They’re strictly for this game, for this campaign, and every single one has been approved by Al Lowe. They are collector’s items to commemorate YOUR partnership in gaming’s biggest comeback EVER.

So please help us make LEISURE SUIT LARRY IN THE LAND OF THE LOUNGE LIZARDS: the 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION a perverted, hilarious reality. Kick in now, and stake your claim in gaming history.

The team that created Leisure Suit Larry 1 has been reassembled to create a 2012 "Reloaded" version. Al Lowe, Josh Mandel, Sabine Duvall, and Leslie Balfour have teamed up with Replay Games to form what we call "The Dream Team" of adventure games. We'll be making Leisure Suit Larry 1-7 and keeping you guys informed every step of the way. If this game is successful then we can bring you guys the rest of the Leisure Suit Larry games (and maybe even Leisure Suit Larry 4: The Case Of The Missing Floppies)!

We couldn't do it without you, the most loyal fans in video game history!! We get all of your fan mail everyday and reply to as much of it as we possibly can. This is what drove us to create this Kickstarter campaign. Had we taken this idea to a publisher, they would've turned us down cold since they think adventure games are dead.

So, please help us make this a reality and bring Leisure Suit Larry back to his dad, Al Lowe, like he was intended. We promise to keep you laughing and wetting your pants all the way 'till the end of the game!!!

What happens if we exceed our goal?

Depending on how far past our goal we get, here's the list of things we'd like to do with the extra development effort:

Fully localize all the voice overs in to as many languages as possible. We will start with FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) and then branch out from there.

We will shoot Leisure Suit Larry on to additional platforms: XBLA, PSN, Android, iPads, iPhones, Windows Phones, Kindle, and of course, Mac!

The game will come to life with a live orchestra performing all your favorite Leisure Suit Larry tunes.

More game!! Help us figure out how to add more game to Leisure Suit Larry! We've got Al and Josh standing by waiting to take orders from YOU, on how we can make the game that much better.


Al, Josh, and the guys behind the scenes that are making this a dream come true for all of us!!!

p.s. we have 2 extra reward tiers but they are a bit too......"outlandish" to put in this official Kickstarter page so go here and we'll let you know what they are.

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I can't really be bothered with yet another LSL. He was a legend in his time, but nowadays he would just be a sorry little twat...

Oh wait, he's always been a twat, hasn't he?

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If it's done well, it'll be entertaining. But those xbox / ps3 games were f*cking terrible terrible games. I know Al Lowe disowned them completely, so maybe there is hope for some decent point & click.

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He was a legend in his time, but nowadays he would just be a sorry little twat...

LSL's brand of risque humour may have been considered adult in 1987, but in a world where videogames feature killing hookers after youve gotten a suck job from them makes it seem almost quaint. I dont really see the point in a remake to be honest, maybe a whole new point and click adventure, but a remake really doesnt interest me at all. The VGA PC version of LSL still looks pretty decent


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Apart from LSL1 which was a clever novelty game for its time , and perhaps 3, which was a half-decent adventure in its own right, none of them really stand up as great adventures these days, 3 is probably the best actual game., mostly these games were just a series of slightly risque scenarios done in dodgy pixel art. I remember LSL5 in particular being completely rubbish, it was more or less a linear path where you couldn't really take a wrong turning so you just were watching a bad-quality "adult" cartoon.

Having said that I did love the early ones at the time, particularly sneaking them onto the school 286 computers so we could play at lunch time with someone keeping lookout for the teacher coming down the corridor.

I wonder if anyone ever successfully used the "Boss Key" to fool anyone?

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Finished "Wet Dreams don't die" on Switch over the weekend and thought it was quite decent. Mainly caters to those who played the previous games.

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