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FutWeb: MMO soccer game and clues for programmers

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FutWeb: MMO soccer game and some clues for programmers Engine: Unity

www.futweb.com.br: English, Spanish and Portuguese

FutWeb is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) soccer game with real time strategy (RTS) elements. Its genre can be classified as a crossbreed between a pure football management game and a traditional football action game. Its major novel feature is the high-rate and fine-grained user interactions available during the matches.

The game design was based on the following overarching principle: A fun, challenging and rewarding match must be always available. Another core goal is to provide a set of game mechanics that are simple to learn, yet difficult to master (e.g., a chess-like learning experience).

Visit www.futweb.com.br now and register your e-mail now.

The first 5000 user registered will be invited to participate in beta test and they will also get a bonus when FutWeb moves into operation.

If you are a programmer you may also be interested to see:

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Q&A for programmers totally free


Learn how to develop a better software in Portuguese http://training.fogcreek.com.br/

FutWeb and Olympya Team www.futweb.com.br www.olympya.com

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