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Committee Elections 2012

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It's that time again, time to elect a committee to run this place. A number of the current committee are standing down, so we need some members to fill their shoes. Please note that there are new election details for 2012. See the blue text at the end of this post.


We will elect six people to form the Committee who will have the legal responsibility for running the forum for the next year.

Everyone on the Committee will have an equal vote.

Here are the legal Rules, that they'll follow, and their responsibilites:

coop rules

Committee members are expected to show levels of skill and care commensurate with their particular skills and experience. You are protected by the concept of limited liability, which may be lost in certain situations detailed in the document above.

There will be three special roles on the Committee: President (called Chairperson in the Rules), Secretary and Treasurer. According to the legal Rules, they will be chosen from their amongst their number by the Committee. However, we want to ensure that we have at least one person with the skills and motivation to carry out each role. We plan to elect someone who could capably fill each of those roles, and three additional Committee Members.


We need a single figurehead who can lead, manage all the teams of volunteers, and guide many of the day to day decisions. They have an equal vote at Committee meetings, the same as the other committee members, and no casting vote.


We require somebody with some degree of administration or legal experience who has:

excellent administrative and record keeping skills

and can:

Organise AGM

Organise Committee Meetings (mostly electronic, one meeting in person per year)

Prepare Minutes

Ensure legal Rules are followed


It is not necessary for the treasurer to be a qualified accountant. We have volunteer accountants who can prepare the annual financial statement to the FSA. But we need a volunteer with some degree of financial experience who can be trusted by the forum to competently manage the forum's financial affairs. All movements in and out of the bank account to which they are one of the signatories must be must be accounted for, all expenditure supported and everything done under whatever financial control framework is put in place. At the end of the financial year they can hand over the records - bank statements, vouchers, invoices, to the volunteer accountants who can prepare the accounts to be reviewed by the committee before being presented to the members.

Committee Members

For the other committee members, no specific skills are required, just a willingness to put in a lot of work, doing whatever needs doing, for the forum over the year.

The Committee will appoint all of the other volunteers to their roles: moderators, tech admins, financial people, lawyers and so on.


Elections will be carried out using CIVS, the Condorcet Internet Voting Service.


Candidates can stand for President, Secretary, Treasurer or Committee Member. Candidates for President, Secretary or Treasurer will also be included in the main election for additional Committee Members, so (for example) a losing Presidential Candidate may still be elected to a committee post.

We will create a separate poll for President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and a fourth poll to fill the remaining Committee places.

All members of the RSC will receive via their registered email address a unique URL which will entitle them to vote once in each poll.

They will be asked to rank in order of preference the candidates for each post.

The voting software will then produce a list with the candidates for each post in ranked order.

The top ranked candidate for each special role (President, Secretary, Treasurer) will be elected.

The top three candidates in the Committee poll (who haven't already been elected to one of the special roles) will be elected to the remaining Committee posts.

The Condorcet completion method will be Schulze. Any ties unresolved by the software will be resolved randomly by a method selected by the outgoing committee.

Running the Campaign

You can stand for election by PMing Super Stu, Wahwah* or David Blunkett. You'll need to be a member of the Rllmuk Supporter's Club ("RSC") and be aged 18 or over. A new election folder will be setup in the members folder. In the election folder you'll be able to explain your background and your plans for the forum, discuss the issues with the other candidates, and answer any questions posed by RSC members in the RSC folder (hustings).

Hustings will take place in that folder from the 20th April. The deadline for signing up is therefore midnight of 20th April. All candidates will be listed in this thread as soon as possible after signing up.

We may have a test election to make sure we have correct email addresses and everyone is familiar with the software.

The real election polls will open on the 5th May, and will stay open for a week. At the end time, the polls will automatically close, the system will generate the results and display them publicly to the voters. There's no manual intervention in vote counting, so the electoral organisers find out the results at the same time as the voters, and can't manipulate them in any way.

Timetable Summary

Candidate sign-up: 7th - 20th April (midnight UK time)

Hustings: 20th April - May 4th (be with you, etc. Midnight UK time)

Election: 5th May - 12th May

New for 2012

Per the minutes of the Committee meeting dated July 6, 2011, Committee elections will now include a Re-Open Nominations ("RON") option. This allows Supporters the option of voting for RON, rather than the named candidates. Should the RON option win for Secretary, for example, nominations for Secretary candidates will re-open and another vote take place. For the 3 non-named Committee positions, candidates are considered elected if they receive a greater number of votes than RON.

See the July 2011 meeting minutes for further details.

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